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Twilord said:
burning_phoneix said:
I honestly have no problem with any of that.

4v4 should not need bots. Most 12v12 PC games no longer offer bots anyway.

Voice chat I would wager is used by under 10% of players on online games. Possibly less. Besides, being matched with randoms is herding cats at best, fighting yourself at worst.

As for the only one mode, I took it they meant 4v4 was the only configuration. Even if it is one mode, I don't mind.

The vast majority of online gamers gravitate towards a single mode anyways. People howled for World of Tanks to add more modes and in the end they added an additional three and they were so barren that the devs removed one of the modes entirely. War Thunder has three different realism options but anything other than "casual" is abandoned. I would also wager that 90%+ of Call of Duty matches are Team Deathmatch.

Hell, the only map people play in all three counter strike games is De_dust2

Yes but smart design is anti-hype! 

I guess so.

I definetely see the reason why people are upset at this, but most of the decisions made are pretty cold calculating game design choices.

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plants vs zombies has at least 7 multiplayer modes, 40 playable characters and endless customisation along with all of the basics like voice chat that can be muted all at $40 when it launched... people really need to stop comparing it to this game


its sad though to see how the potential this game has is being squandered 

PenguinZ said:

-Random matching is done world wide, game tries to place you with players close to your skill level based on ratings

This sticks out like a sore thumb... Connectivity is essential in a game like this and its practically abandoned with this statement. The online will be unbearable.

Nintendo's given up on regional gameplay a long time ago. All of the recent games have had worldwide-only matches. Kart handled it pretty gracefully. Smash Bros it's hard to tell when you're playing foreigners (except for Japanese), since Kart had little flags next to the participants, so you can't tell when Smash is lagging whether it's a close-by player with a bad connection, or a problem with connecting to someone in South Africa.

Edit: I agree that what they probably mean is that 4 v 4 is the only configuration, not that turf wars is the only mode. So you can't play free-for-all, but you can get different modes.

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i dont know how u can play this game online wo talking. the whole point is to work together an cover area? i guess we'll find out!!!

seinsmeld said:
i dont know how u can play this game online wo talking. the whole point is to work together an cover area? i guess we'll find out!!!

Its more chaos based than tactics based. Strategies will mostly be fairly simply, like going to areas the other team has painted or going to areas where your teammates aren't going to, both of which you can keep track of on the map. With randoms, there really isn't any point in voice chat, as it would be a mess way more often than not (if anyone even used it), and I don't believe we have any confirmation on whether there is voice chat with friends, however, like I said, the game isn't really about tactics...