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TheWiii u game you want the most in 2015.

Splatoon 48 10.88%
Starfox wii u 32 7.26%
Yoshi's wolly world 10 2.27%
Legend of zelda wii u 189 42.86%
Devil's third 10 2.27%
Xenoblade chronicles X 118 26.76%
Mario maker or Mario party 10 12 2.72%
Kirby and the rainbow curse 2 0.45%
Project cars 10 2.27%
Fatal frame V (Project zero 5) localised 10 2.27%

Hm... after the latest direct I've been REALLY hyped for Splatoon. I think it's got to the level where it's on par with Zelda and Star Fox as my top anticipated games this year, and I really can't decide between them so I just voted Star Fox because I knew it would be lagging behind everything else

I'm hyped for Xenoblade Chronicles X too but not anywhere near as much as other people are.

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It's a pretty tight race. The Xenoblade series is really starting to get some recognition though, as it deserves to after the wonderful Wii game.

splatoon by far


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You need to add Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. Now, it wasn't confirmed for a 2015 release date, but it WAS confirmed for a "2015 release window" (meaning it could get delayed to 2016) as shown in the release date schedule by Nintendo. That would be my most anticipated. But otherwise, it is Xenoblade Chronicles X, Splatoon, then Zelda, Devil's Third, Star Fox and Project Cars. Probably not going to get the other games.

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Goodnightmoon said:
The tri-force: Zelda - Xenoblade - Splatoon

My thoughts exactly.

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Starfox simply because it's been ages since we had anything like it on any console.

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Has to be Zelda U. All other games seem insignificant in comparison to it.

Mario Maker, no doubt. Give me a competent level sharing feature like the one in LittleBigPlanet and I can sink many many hours into this.

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For me its a three way tie between Zelda Xenoblade and Devils third but all the wii u games coming out this year look pretty fun :D

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mZuzek said:
I just voted Star Fox because I knew it would be lagging behind everything else 

Interestingly, it's actually 4th highest on the poll, out of 10 options.