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Are you a digital or physical person?

Digital 15 12.20%
Physical 59 47.97%
Both equally 5 4.07%
Both but more physical 30 24.39%
Both but more digital 14 11.38%

For me, I have almost always preferred physicals discs, but I still get games digitally now and then

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How do you guys feel about collectors editions? This is also one of the things that causes me to buy physical as well. I'm a geek for RPG's so I freak out when Mass Effect or the Witcher gets extras.

As a collector, I always give priority to physical. With that said, I buy whenever a game is cheap, with few exceptions digital or physical.


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Because of my general dislike of digital downloads, I limit myself to small games ($10 or less) that would never get a physical release today (because who would put the original Pac-Man or Super Mario Bros. on a disc by itself with no extras?) and even then only if it's something I really, really want, which is almost always a game I've played before but might enjoy an enhanced version or the convenience of playing an older game on a current system so I don't have to hook up my old machines (plus I don't have a working CRT anymore, and old systems look like ass on an HDTV). Also, I'll certainly download a digital copy if I'm offered one for free. I've bought several Nintendo Virtual Console games, and I have a digital copy of Pikmin 3 because it was part of the free game offer that came with Mario Kart 8 (I'll still likely get a physical copy one day). On my 360 I bought a couple of old arcade games like Galaga, TMNT, and Ikaruga, plus I bought Perfect Dark HD and Mega Man 9 & 10. The only digital games I have on my PS4 are what I got free via PS+. If I ever decide to get one of those Retron 5 consoles or some similar hardware clone that makes old games look presentable on an HDTV, that might eliminate most of any future digital purchases.

But for everything else, I buy physical. Overall, I've maybe spent at most only $150 on digital games over the past decade, but I've spent at least ten times that on physical between my 360, Wii, Wii U, & PS4. There's no way in hell I'm paying $50-60 for a digital copy of a game. I don't own that copy and can never lend or sell it and has no guarantee of being there for me in 20-30 years like my old Nintendo & Sega cartridges and PS1 discs. In fact, I wouldn't pay more than $10 for a download. That's why I'm passing on Resident Evil HD for now. I put a lot of stock in ownership, and, in America at least, you only own physical copies. That's why I greatly limit my digital purchases and stick to physical for any current "AAA" games. I'm not 100% averse to digital, or else I wouldn't buy anything, but digital copies aren't worth much to me because of their very nature. If gaming went all-digital they'd probably lose a customer, because I wouldn't even buy a future-gen Super Mario game for more than $10 brand new if it were digital-only, and I doubt digital AAA games will ever be less than $50-60 new. Digital is too much of a raw deal for me to spend any significant sum of money on.

Complete opposite for me.

I will only download smaller titles, such as Shovel Knight or virtual console releases, while I'll get physical copies of everything else just because it feels more secure to me.

We have the same stance on collector's editions though. This will be the first gen I actually buy those.

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Physical edition when available.

My ps4 only had inside a physical disc to test the drive. I'm going full digital, except for some collector editions and awesome bargain i eventually find in retail. Also the uk pound being so strong messes up my imports.

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Only time I ever get a digital game is if it's super cheap. I always prefer having physical copies of my games. I like looking at my collection. :P

episteme said:

PC is all digital, the last physical copy that I bought was the Bioshock Infinite Collector's Edition.

3DS: all physical besides download-only titles and some occcasional free games with Club Nintendo promotions.

Wii U: download-only and multiplayer games that I'll play a lot like SSB or MK8 digital, games that I buy (primarily) for the singleplayer physical. I sometimes buy third party retail games on the eShop when they're dirt cheap. Recently bought Tekken on the eShop and sold the Disk, it's more convenient and I got more money for the Disk.

There are still physical pc games released in germany. Even ff13 will come out in germany for pc in physical form

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Either way Physical still has the upperhand on console. There are really 3 main motivations for which way you go: Price, Ease of Purchase, and features.

Physical is still cheaper since you can trade it in and Digital is stupidly priced on Consoles (Though PSN is closing the gap slowly but surly), it has more features since it lasts as long as you keep the disc and can be shared with friends, and digital only arguably wins ease of purchase (Though slow speeds still make physical easier for most).

Until Digital games are $40-50 and come with more features they will continue to be in the minority.