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Are you a digital or physical person?

Digital 15 12.20%
Physical 59 47.97%
Both equally 5 4.07%
Both but more physical 30 24.39%
Both but more digital 14 11.38%

This generation I think I am going to breakdown and finally go digital in some aspects of my gaming. I am trying to stay away from trading as many games into Gamestop as possible and only focusing on the games that matter to me. Here is a  four point list of how things will work for the this gen and hopefully, i'll be able to capitalize on it with my PS4 and Xbox One.


- High profile downloads that I was to complete and keep for a long period of time. (Halo 5, Witcher 3, Uncharted 4, etc.)

-Indies are manditory so i'll just download those quickly when I have the chance. 


- Games that I just want to play once, i'll buy physically and eventually can trade in. I am not a collector (as you can tell) outside of collectors editions.(Assassins Creed, Batman Arkham Knight, GTA, etc)

- Collectors Editions are manditory for me if the game holds a special place in my heart.


If I buy any other games digitally or physically outside of that, its because I was compelled to do it because of a must have pricing that asshole retailers reeled me in with. :)

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I have to physically buy games, my internet speed sucks. :(

Physical when both is available.

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For me, console games that I really want like Zelda, X and etc will be physical while games on sale like the steam sale will be digital


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Depends on the price, but I'll generally go digital if its not something I'm hugely excited/invested in. Right now the only 2015 games I'd buy physically are Uncharted 4, Halo 5, FFXV, Zelda and X.

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The end of last gen I started my digital game collection with the weekly deals. Games at $5-10. Even if I had the physical game already, it just makes it more convenient to not swap discs and play games instantly. I transitioned into buying only collectors editions at launch with pre order goodies and just waiting for the game to go on sale digitally to finally play it.

When this current gen started I decided to go physical because fucking blu-rays are like 30 gig downloads. Then I lost the convenience of playing games on the fly. Kinect also made me wish I went all digital this gen. Telling it to play my games instantly without putting a disc in is high society living. Now I wish M$ went with their buy from retail, own it on digital plan. I could just install the game without the downloading part and have the convenience of instant game access.

So I thought about how going digital is like free games on multiple consoles. On a 360 i could download all my games onto a 360. Then reset my licence every 4 months and download them to another 360. This would give each console home rights and anyone can play them.

All digital is the future for me. Only collector editions will be store bought and other scalpable purchases


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Last year, I got a digital copy of Rayman Legends. It was by far my most played game. While it being a fantastic game had something to do with it -- the convenience of starting it up right away probably resulted in many hours I probably would have spent on other games.

I too may elect to go with digital for games that I have a good feeling that I'll play on an ongoing basis for an extended period of time.

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I prefer to own physical copies of games, which is why I rarely buy games digitally. It is way more satisfying to put it into my shelf, right next to my other games, than to just dowload it. Heck, if a game only gets a digital release in europe I'll rather import it from the US. (Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 is an example of that) But if I have no other choice, I'll buy it digitally. (Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies is the only game which fits into this category as of now)

KdxlavkdX said:
I have to physically buy games, my internet speed sucks. :(

I can relate because I am back home now. If I download games I just leave my Xbox or PS4 on overnight.Its a slow burn. When I was back at college (Last year) I could download a game in a couple of hours. I should be upgrading my internet soon enough though, so this should change.

PC is all digital for me, the last physical copy that I bought was the Bioshock Infinite Collector's Edition.

3DS: all physical besides download-only titles and some occcasional free games with Club Nintendo promotions.

Wii U: download-only and multiplayer games that I'll play a lot like SSB or MK8 digital, games that I buy (primarily) for the singleplayer physical. I sometimes buy third party retail games on the eShop when they're dirt cheap. Recently bought Tekken on the eShop and sold the Disk, it's more convenient and I got more money for the Disk.