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Mega Man ;-/

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Tony Hawk
Pokemon Stadium

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Tony Hawk (The old shit, not this new crap)

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Raverace.. Always loved that series..

But a new Double Dragon.. or Salomons key.. would also be instant buy for me..

Pokemon Pinball..

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Whole bunch of JRPGs with Grandia being number one.

Paper Mario. I want something crisp, humourous, clever, and adventurous like the Thousand-Year Door, for Wii U.

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Sunstrider said:


And Breath of Fire.



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curl-6 said:

Games like Mario Kart 8 and 3D World beat Tropical Freeze graphically though. If Diddy Kong Racing could up the ante that'd be great, but the bar's been set high by MK8, it'd be a tall order.

I was just comparing similar games. I'm sure an isometric or kart Donkey Kong game would look better than Tropical Freeze. It definitely is a tall order. Mario Kart is absolutely my favorite game on the Wii U so far, and I think that it's definitely the best looking, not counting Wind Waker.

But if Tropical Freeze looks that good as a 2D game platformer, I'm sure Diddy Kong Racing Returns would be on at least par with Mario Kart 8 as a kart racer.

And I don't think SM3DW looks much better than Tropical Freeze at all. They're both equally beautiful games. But then there's Mario Kart 8.

Well, this is new.



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