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WOWZERS, i just got a semi

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Scream bitch scream !!!


pokoko said:
Not nearly enough hating in this thread.

I can change that for you. I felt like they presented this game very poorly at the PS experience. With that being said, the latest trailers have presented the product much better. So my main criticism is how they've presented this game thus far, which honestly gives me a mixed reaction as to what to think and whether or not it's one of those games that would sell a PS4 to me. Of course final judgment can be made after the game releases. 

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The gore sold the game to me lol. 

Looking nice.


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DerNebel said:

Looks like someone was inspired by TLoU. That looks incredible wow!

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zumnupy10 said:
DerNebel said:


The first party titles are the games which are really showing what PS4/Xbone can do.    

DriveClube, Infamous SS, The Order 1866, Ryse and Forza 5 are on another level.

Forza 5 doesn't look very impressive. FH2 looks much better imo (but I wouldn't put either on a "top of the gen" graphics list)

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The only GOOD trailer i've seen for this game, and luckily it has come at the right time.

No way i'm watching that!! Glad to hear is sounds like it's a great trailer thought :). Less then one month to go! Official Playstation Vita Thread! Come in and join!!!

Wow, over an hour, and still no hate. It is a miracle what a fantastically awesome trailer can do.

A decent marketing push and this game will sell trillions...