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This is just a simple question I'm asking that doesn't need any trolling or any of that fanboy bullshit. Leave that nerd ass'd shit at the door.


So assuming that the majority of you reading this right now are adults, I was just wondering how you go about adding people online?


A little bit ago, I was playing some PVZ Garden Warfare on PS4 and being that the Chad Daddy is a BEAST, people always end up requesting me. So I get a friend request from an individual(We'll call him "Shredder85") who just so happened to be on my team at the time. I got ready to send him a message to tell him that if he didn't have a mic, I wouldn't add him but I was like "fuck it" and added him really quick before the next game started.


So I add him, he sends me an invitation to join his party chat but I didn't because I was about to join another chat with these other people I'm on with all the time. So I joined the other chat and about 5 mins in, Shredder85 joined the chat that I was in and not only was he too damn noisy(background noise and double voice sounding shit) but I also noticed that he was a damn kid(sounded like he was about 10 or 11).


So the female I was in the chat with told him that she was sorry but she was about to kick him(remove from chat) because he was too damn loud and he was like "ok".


So when I left the chat, I deleted him from my friends list. Not because he was too loud or somebody told me too but because he was a kid.


Like I'm going to sit here and talk with some kids. 


..fucking kids adding me and shit. Like umm.. yea NO! I dont even want them on my friends list. 


So how do you go about adding people? Do you add everybody? Do you have requirements like me(lol)? Let me know down below.

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nah Ill wait a little
wait until some of my friends get a wii u(I only know some cousins with it)
to friend more people


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Nah, you shouldn't do that. Terrorists about in the world and all.

Last thing you want is a bunch of Al-Qaeda trying to get in on your LittleBigPlanet3.

Nah, if they just add me with no prior contact then no.

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I only add people that I know who they are in some form or another. If I've never played a game with a person, no idea where the person comes from, I might add them to ask where I know them from and delete them shortly after. If asked  I'll add people I meet during a game I play and maybe play some other games with in the future, but I do clean out my friend's list every once in awhile and if they've been playing games that I have no interest in and I don't think we'll play any games together again, I'll just delete them off my list.

I don't add friends. At all. I have zero friends on PSN, same as I had zero on XBL last gen.
I don't play multiplayer, if I play coop it's with my wife on the couch, so there is no reason to.

Not all the time, but I do accept them sometimes. It's usually in CoD so I know about 90% of the time it'll just be some kid who just wants me on their team.

I add everyone who requests me in order to be nice. I don't talk or anything with them anyway so I'll never know who they are.

If they annoy me later, I can always delete them...

Yes, I add all of them, but I never really interact with people except for likes/yeahs on the Steam activity stream and on Miiverse.

I just find it interesting to see what games people play and which they like.

Especially on Steam with its overwhelming library it can be fun to go through other people's games list from time to time and discover games I've never heard of (or discover that machina is obsessed with Dota 2, that Kasz likes mostly grand strategy games, that Slimebeast ist still in love with AoE 2 and that this German lady I recently added is on her impressive mission to play through every single point&click adventure game ever released on Steam, even the most shitty ones).