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Should Nintendo make/fund their own EXCLUSIVE Military FPS with Online Multiplayer?

Yes! I am a Nintendo game... 56 33.14%
Yes! I am a Sony/Microsof... 10 5.92%
Yes! I am a Sony/Microsof... 4 2.37%
Yes! That's just what Ni... 11 6.51%
No! I am a Nintendo gamer... 18 10.65%
No! The Wii U is dead and... 8 4.73%
No! Military FPS and Pokémon's do not mix! 7 4.14%
No! I am a Ninty purist a... 22 13.02%
See Results. 33 19.53%

I don't think they should waist money on crap like that. they should instead invest in something new that might become the new big thing. there is way to much crap like that out there anyway and people have chosen those so why would they buy in to a new game on a different console?

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I think the Nintendo audience will have enough with Splatoon in terms of shooters. If they needed a violent FPS, they could try the TF2 way, with a wacky cel-.shaded game with a lot of depth. If they go full HD,Ultra Edgy,Michael Bay-esque, FPS, they could make it a Spinoff of Metroid, Advance Wars, Sin and Punishement... Or they can just buy Sega's the Conduit, Ubisoft's Red Steel or the Devil's Third IP. And if they decide to create a new military-FPS franchise, put it in an unique environement (XIX century wars like the Napoleon Campaigns, or the First World War).

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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If Nintendo can make it special, why not? So long as it isn't a "Me too!" game it could be great.

They'll never get that audience on their platform unless they start making exclusives such as that one.

.....why the HELL would they do something stupid like that? Interest in the "modern military FPS" seems to be dwindling anyway, so there's no point. CoD has continually been selling lower entry after entry, with no sign of recovery. And that's before we get into how the current big FPS' that are being pushed aren't military FPS'. Battlefield has gone in a cops and robbers direction with Hardline, CoD itself has gone near-future with more sci-fi elements, The Order: 1886 is a steampunk romp through London, Destiny is a space opera, Far Cry 4 is more a survivalist sandbox, etc. There's little point in doing it now when people have seemingly lost interest.

And then we have the fact that Nintendo isn't interested in making those types of games anyway. And they're publishing their titles that have a unique spin on the shooter genre. Devil's Third goes completely bat-buggering insane with over-the-top violence, whacky multiplayer modes, extremely eccentric character design, and interesting systems with melee, swordplay, and gunplay. Then we have Splatoon which uses bright, colorful presentation, shape-shifting squid as the characters, and the focus not on shooting your enemy, but instead literally painting the town red in order to gain territory.

This is the thing nobody who doesn't pay attention understands about Nintendo: they are not reactionary. The thing is, they refuse to jump into trends because there's no telling if something will last. And considering how the military FPS is burning out, they were correct in NOT lumping themselves into that. If anything, they react the opposite way. Instead of making a military FPS, they create a wacky paintball game. People obsessed over being as real as possible, they go as unreal as possible. Designers try to push their increasingly pretentious stories, Nintendo goes all-in on razor-sharp gameplay and design. And of course, instead of just making games that everyone else is, they choose to do embroidery-inspired Yoshi spin-offs, claymation-style Kirby games, a steampunk strategy title taking famous historical and literary figures from the 19th century, a game that lets us finally make our own Mario levels, and an open-world sci-fi RPG with MECHS. That's how they do things.

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yes to fps, no to military. Nothing more boring than a military game. Just give me my 3rd person cover based 4 person co-op star fox.

If it destroys the fabric of the artistic world that Nintendo has created then I wouldn't support it. If they can create an FPS character that can be cool with kids and families as well as hardcore shooting fanatics then fine, but Nintendo wouldn't sign off on something that would tarnish their image as first party and I cant disagree with that.

No, the Wii U's positioning isnt one that manages to appeal to the segment that consumes those types of games. It would be a waste of money that would accomplish nothing. May aswell develop something that appeals to Wii U owners.
If they want to appeal to a different segment they need a new system with a different image to do so.

They could do better with their time and money than just offer what the other console already offer a lot more of.

Maybe tactically they should have money hatted some stuff in 2012/2013 when they realised their own games were going to be delayed.

As it stands it would do little for Nintendo compared to a new Metroid, fzero, or new more colourful IP like Splatoon.

I value that you created this thread but we already know the answer to this


I personally rather a futuristic SCIFI shooter.

TBH the idiots fucked up when they sold RARE along with Perfect Dark. They could have grown that franchise.It could have been their Halo. They should have purchased all the IP since all the good RARE staff left anyway, fired the rest and then populate it with their own talent to retain the RARE brand.