Forums - Sony Discussion - I think my PS4 just broke? New PS4 virus going around. PS4 users beware!

You are panicking for no reason. First, just turn all options for the PS4 to do stuff by itself off. I imagine this is some bug.

If that doesnt work, you can always unplugg it from the power. I garantee its not gonna do anything shady if you do that.

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Thespiralmatrix said:
Dramatic drama is dramatic.

I smell a troll.

Or someone who clearly doesn't know what a virus is.

I knew I smelled something familiar!

same happened to me, caused by a mixture of oils and dust on the eject button.

Unplug PS4 power and HDMI.
Hold down power button (after unplugging) for 2 beeps.
Wipe Eject button, around it + also under it.
Leave it for about a day.
Should work fine.

Another thing that could be happening is a possession. PS4s are Bloodborne and their power feeds from Demon's Souls. It's shouldn't come as a surprise that they may have minds of their own.


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mii-gamer said:
I had the same auto disc reject problem few weeks ago. I left the ps4 for a few days and it fixed itself.

lol that's odd.

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There are no viruses that can infect the PS4.

I unplugged the power cord when i made this thread(about 2 hours ago. I just left for work but the PS4 worked when i plugged it back up before i left. Fucking weird ass system lol

I imagine i'll have to di this again some time in the future. Tomorrow? 2 weeks from now? Who knows.

It's still #PS4Gang in this bitch!(no fanboy type shit)

And to the people claiming that i'm trolling...


WHY THE FUCK WOULD I BE TROLLING? What the hell would i gain from that?

It's not a virus.

This happened to me too :(

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kljesta64 said:
consoles can have viruses ?

I would assume its a hardware failure, I'm sure consoles can't get viruses.


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I don't think a virus is what you think it is.

Did this just happen a single time, or it's happening repeatedly?

U sure it didn't just power itself on to apply a system update?  Ejecting the disc could mean it updated the Blu-ray drive firmware.

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