Forums - Sony Discussion - I think my PS4 just broke? New PS4 virus going around. PS4 users beware!

*Update: I fixed it! I just unplugged the power cord for about 2 hours and it was fixed when i plugged back in. Also, it's not a REAL virus, people. Y'all took me waaayyy too serious with virus thing. Just pray that the shit doesn't happen to you*


I just knew this BULLSHIT was going to happen eventually..




Ok so about 10 minutes ago, I was awoken by my PS4 being turned on. So I immediately thought that I must've turned over and hit the PS button on the controller since the DS4 is laying beside me on the bed.


So I then see that the DS4 is a good little bit away from me and the bar light is completely off so I then say "uhhh.. yea... I'm pretty sure I didn't just turn this on". So I immediately think " oh lord.. has the dreaded moment finally happened? Has my PS4 found some way to break itself like I had a feeling would eventually happen?" And I look at the PS4 only to see PVZ Garden Warfare ejected. 


By this time I started to notice that I kept hearing the eject noise. So basically my PS4 JUST FUCKING RANDOMLY caught some wack ass'd auto-disc-reject bug.. #LAME


I mean there is NOTHING that I did wrong with the PS4. It's been sitting upwards with the eject and power button facing the ceiling since the day I bought the PS4(The white Destiny PS4 bundlein September). I haven't moved it out of that spot AT ALL. And now this random shit just starts happening OUT OF KNOWERE! LIKE WTF!!


So I then google "PS4 auto disc eject" or something like that and I see that this has happened to other people. I'm also seeing people say things like " this happened to me 3 months ago, I fixed it, and now its happening again." Oh lord! Is this what I'm in for?


I also dont have a warranty. I feel like they are useless because if something happens to your console, its going to keep happening. So you might aswell just get a completely new system rather than sending it in only to have the same problem arise again a few months later.


Lol.. I actually had to look up a "fix" for a system that should be working perfectly fine. I shouldn't have to look up a FUCKING FIX in the 1st place. 


So I guess that was a fine 3-4 months before seeing problems. I guess I wont be playing Bloodborne and The Order afterall. 


My fellow Playstation people, beware! This shit just tackled me OUT OF KNOWHERE so the same could happen to you. I dont fucking feel like buying another PS4 because I ALREADY BOUGHT ONE THAT SHOULD WORK PROPERLY! I'm not sending SHIT in to Sony only to get a temporary fix.. 


Either way you slice it, I will eventually have to spend another $400+ to get another one.  Over $900 on a single console.. hmm. So I guess have been forced out of #PS4Gang and #TeamPS4. Just gotta take this L(loss) and move on..

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Don't you have any kind of default warranty? Usually products come with a years warranty as standard.

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Wait, so how do you know is a virus and not a faulty disc reader?


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I thought the PS4 comes with a year of default warranty?

I had the same auto disc reject problem few weeks ago. I left the ps4 for a few days and it fixed itself.

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consoles can have viruses ?

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The key to avoid these kind of problems is very easy! Just do what I do and don't use your PS4!

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kljesta64 said:
consoles can have viruses ?

Yeah..this is news to me.  Can we get some clarification on this part of your thread title OP?

If PS4 can have viruses... have you tried with Ctrl+Alt+Del?

Suddenly getting turned on and ejects stuff? I think your console is pregnant...