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Seraphic_Sixaxis said:
Lol, i didnt even know the wii could go online. o.0

Yeah, but the Opera browser (the last time I used it) doesn't support flash, so you can't check out video websites.  At least, not the last time I tried it, they may have updated the browser since then.


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It's very limited......but it works.

Ahh, i see. better something then nothing though. :P

There is that. And it came in handy when my laptop busted. I survived for 6 weeks on that.

Awesome man! glad it worked well for you. :)

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So now that I've learned how this thread works.......

Played his first Sonic game in awhile (Unleashed).

Lol k, here we go. :D

Is a sonic supporter!

Now that you posted in that thread.....

Is a Proud Sonic Support Squad member!

He mains Sonic in Brawl (Guess?)

Yes, yes I do.

He created his own Playstation theme (How'd that turn out by the way? Are the sounds working now?).