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Forums - Politics Discussion - What animals could Humans live without if they went extinct?


Which animal in this poll means the least to you as an addicted videogame player?

Cows 3 4.11%
Sheep 0 0%
Ants 3 4.11%
Flies 11 15.07%
Owls 1 1.37%
Blue Jays 5 6.85%
Elephants 7 9.59%
Horses 2 2.74%
George Bush Jr 36 49.32%
Other post below..sorry, ... 5 6.85%

Padas. Literally the only thing they are good at is being cute, they're practically trying to kill themselves off.

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We don't have animals left in Europe. We finished eating them all about 4 years ago.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

GM animals.

Humans. Humans are about the only creatures on this planet that actively destroy. I could live without humans

save, my Eve d: Let the spawn of Alkaline rule this world

Shit, I already made the same stupid comment in this thread, on this page, didn't realize this was bumped.

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Humans could live without the vast majority of animals. There are only a few that are actually essential.

But Polar Bears need to stay.... cuz cuteness!

curl-6 said:


Seriously though, I find the view that the earth is here for us too use as we want at the expense of all other organisms to be supremely arrogant.

This. Especially since we have such a profound understanding of the ecosystem I think more than ever we should consider ourselves stewards of one of the greatest Petri dishes the universe (that we can see of it so far) has ever created. With great power comes great responsibility and all that. That being said, we also need to know when things are just on their own way out. 



Well, humans have been driving species to extinction since we built the spear, so apparently most species are pretty much optional. Provided that we don't exterminate too many of them in a short amount of time. Bees and sharks need to stay. Owls are a waste of time.


Stupid people.