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Even if i would have the money i dont see why i should have an x1 after getting a ps4 and wiiu someday. Most of these people also have less games, from what i sense.
In the 7th gen the ps3 was also the only choice for me because of free online. The wii has motion controls so i am not interested in it at all, maybe i will buy an x360 for some exckusives like last odessy and singleplayer-only multiplats, one day.

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last gen I had all 3. I could easily have all 3 this gen but so far I haven't seen a need to get a ps4 yet. perhaps that will change this year if something releases on it that I want.

I personally think good for them. But don't see why they are buying these consoles and games at release cost. There is absolutely no way someone could have enough time to play that many games unless that is all they do. Then I would more feel sorry for them than envy them.

I bought 16 games this year alone for my Wii U and beat 5. Next year I will have Zelda U and Xenoblade. For an average person this may not take but a few weeks to beat, but I LOVE these two titles so I will probably be playing them for the better part of 2015 (100% them, explore every inch of the maps, ect), with the only time I need to fill is until one of these titles releasing. With that 11 games in my backlog and Splatoon, Devil's Third, Star Fox, and Mario Maker will all be out before then and who knows what else.

I also have an XBone I hooked up once and played Call of Duty for a few hours, but my friends have it so they bugged me into buying one. I don't even have Gold yet, lol.

The only system I don't have right now is X1, and I do plan to get it in future.

I can only afford everything though by being months and months behind with new releases, which lets me get most games (not Nintendo) at a great price. 2015 is a great year but I probably won't play a title from 2015 for half a year or so because of all the other games already released that I want to play. By then, the titles coming early this year will no longer be full price.

Buying every system is their preference. Most people could do it if they really wanted to, seeing places like Amazon, you could do 6 months same as cash. I personally don't have the time to buy and own and use every new system, working 6 days a week from March-November. Hell, i don't have enough time to play all of the games i have for just PS4, and then there's the 6 free games every month from PS+ for the 3 systems. I currently have a backlog of about 10 games for my PS3 still, about 15 for my VITA, and about 10 for my PS4.

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Slade6alpha said:
Coming from someone who has the, all, it's exhausting honestly. Pretty much all I played in 2014 was my Xbox One, Ps4 for a few games, Wii U for one, Vita for a few, and 3DS for Pokemon. Time is the main issue, not really money.

Its sort of this. I got all except the X1. Its great to have a great selection and totally worth it, but there is an inflex point where the most precious resource becomes time and not money.

I have friends who do that and I dont envy them one bit. They dont have narly as much fun I have gaming because of their nostalgia driven purchases and backlog bigger than Kim Kardashians ego.

One of my firends has all 8th and 7th gen systems, close to 300 games but has not completed the likes of Halo 4, Uncharted 2, Gears 3, Metro, Bioshock series, Mass Effect series etc. I dont see where the fun in that is, these collecto hardly ever play new games. He hasn, t completed a single game released this gen but has brought over 30 of them. An idiot in my books.

Regardless of the fanboy stuff, I generally think people who game on one platform tend to buy and complete more games, therefore contributing most to the gaming eeconomy. 

I consider them to be my comrades

I don't have all the consoles this gen anymore, I did but one didn't get much playtime so I don't have it anymore. Still have all the consoles from last gen as well. As others have said time to use them all is the main problem

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

I have a PS4 and XB1 and I don't get all these people saying both of them aren't worth it due to their similar libraries.

I have 13 games on PS4 and 3 games on XB1 and I have finished about 13 of them. If I had more time I would have got a Wii U but I have enough games to play (3 which I've not completed) and many games coming (7 games I want coming out till June, 6 of them on PS4) so I don't have time for a Wii U.

But when I do get a Wii U I'm interested in only getting 3 games for it which are Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade Chronicles X and Super Smash Bros.

I usually buy consoles for an exclusive i want, but I never would buy all of them at full price first year.

My "gaming" pc is a middle tier laptop, and right now I own a 2DS (from this christmas) that cost almost nothing, a psvita that i bought after the latest pricecut, so the only 8th gen console i bought at full price is the ps4 which is set to be my main system.

Of course i won't own dozens of games for each system though. I do intend to buy a wii U in the coming years, haven't decided yet for the Xbone but that might happen. But I'll probably wait for the 200$ price tag for both.