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It's not so much the money for me...but why would I? I've always said that it makes no sense to have a Playstation and an Xbox simply because the games they offer are 90%+ the same. Why would I want both?

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I think there's a difference between "can afford" and "think it's worth it"

For example, many people can afford a new smartphone every year, but turn away in shock at the cost of buying 3 consoles over the course of 8 years.

Another example: I could buy a fun-sized candy bar for $199.99 if I wanted to. But is it worth it?

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There was a time when I would have thought you had to be a rich snob to get them all, but all it takes is a halfway-decent job that nets you more than you're spending on rent and food and stuff, and suddenly you've got a lot of expendable income. Even when I've got the money I choose not to spend that way, but some people aren't really into much other than games, so I can't really blame them for just buying whatever they want.

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I'm one of them, but I can afford all systems only after some of them get some serious price-cuts! That's why I didn't get my PS3 until 2010/2011!

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A wii u (I don't have much gaming time) and a vacation is enough for me

I own Wii U, Xbox One and my PC is pretty beast.

However Sony and I where in a abusive relationship years back... Sex was great but everything else was meh... lol

I say good for them...

I was one of them 7th generation (ironically the generation I played the least amount of games) until my X 360 RRODed... Since then imma straight Ninty/Sony gamer

Anyone with a halfway decent job can afford all systems in a generation. It is more about choosing not to.

There are always some games I want for PS, but since I can barely play the Wii (U) games, why bother buying another console?

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Agree with others on this thread, my PC and WiiU keep me so busy I have no time for the others.
I am somebody who looks to complete any game I buy if possible. A friend of mine has every console you
can think of with tons of titles but rarely completes any of them before he gets hyped about the next thing and loses interest.