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I can afford them all, can't play them all :/ I still have hardly touched FC4, LBP3, GTA5, DA:I and Captain Toad.
Despite my negative and mixed first impressions, Elite dangerous has still managed to suck me into it's universe. I'm only here atm cause of the daily server maintanance, 15 min reboot. Bah why is the server on UK time, bastards. I'll be back exploring the galaxy in 10 minutes. I still play DriveClub every day for a bit, need more time.

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Ledreppe said:

I've often wondered how some gamers afford every system every console cycle. I've either had life events prevent me from achieving this. I thought at the start of this gen I would achieve it, but just the XO has eluded me because of unforseen 'financial constraints'.

Are you in a similar situation? I'd like to hear your story!

It's not about affording.  I can afford it but frankly I fail to see how it would be worth someone's time to set-up all 3 consoles, and buy all of these games.  I bairely have enough time as it is to play all of the PS4 and PC games I want, and I game more often than most people.

If you have any life at all, you don't have time for all 4 (Unless you are the pickiest gamer on Earth and only like 3 exclusives from each camp).  That is my opinion at the very least...

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I have owned all major consoles since the PS1 era. It's not all it's cracked up to be. Unless you're rich, or young enough to live at home and spend all of your paycheck on games, it's more frustrating than anything else.

The reason I own all three is because there is always, unfortunately, something wrong with each system. Wii-U doesn't have very many AAA mature games. PS4 doesn't have a very stable online connection (goes down for maintenance, stays down for a freakin' WEEK when hacked etc.) and Xbox One has a horrible UI and the hardware is pretty crappy (installing games stakes forever).

Every generation, I try to go with only one and every generation, there is always something that pisses me off about the first one I buy so I go get the other. It's a never ending cycle.

Tone down their gaming habits ?

Gaming is supposed to be enjoyed in moderation just like sweet treats or other pleasurable occasions, not on a constant basis ...

Ledreppe said:

I've often wondered how some gamers afford every system every console cycle.

Grand Theft Auto.



Just kidding.  I just enjoy a variety of games, and have the means to get the consoles I want.  One console is enough for my main gaming use, but there are always some exclusives I like to play on other consoles.  Last gen I had all consoles & handhelds, but this gen I didn't get any handhelds as I don't get enough use out of them usually.

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I did that last gen, but I don't know likely it'll be that I'll do it this gen just because the Xbox One would have to have way more exclusives that I actually want for me to consider buying it. Even if I did want it, I don't have nearly enough cash. I did when I bought my 3DS, Vita, Wii U and PS4, so that's why I have all those (plus, they actually have games I want to play).

I think it's a good thing to own multiple consoles like this. Broadens your horizons in terms of games to play, and doesn't make you so fanboyish towards a particular company (though I'll still defend Nintendo to death). I also don't think it's that hard to keep up on games, at least for me. The handhelds and Wii U are for exclusives, which I tend to want to play right away anyways. The PS4 is for exclusives and any third party game I want, and I'll generally make time to beat each game. If you count Steam, on the other hand...

TBH with you these days I jsut collect sealed games.

Play a few here and there.

So it is more a passion then a need.



Good for them...I guess?


Money is not the Problem once you have a half decent job. I mean those consoles are quite cheap. You can get two of them for the price of an iPhone! The real issue is time. With wife and children, I'm happy If I find time for gaming AT ALL. But those precious teenager times when you could just play all night and day without a worry in the world? They're gone, and they're gone for good.

I had all three consoles last gen, but it just wasn't worth it. I remember times when I didn't use the 360 for more than a year for example. So this time, I stick to PS4 only. Had that sucker since launch and barely played with it. It's sad, really. But I also like the Vita better at the moment. =P

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Money isnt the issue its time. I dont have time for ps4 wii u and 3ds let alone x1 aswell