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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What you think of gamers who afford every system, every gen?

Doesn't really make much sense, but no one ever charged humans as being sensible.

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I can easily afford all them, however it isn't worth tripling the cost to play maybe a couple of extra games. Plus who has that kind of time? Just a PS4 alone or even an X1 provides more than enough games...

The most common thread through this has been a lack of time. I too suffered from not enough time for gaming, then I wised up and hired someone to play the games for me. Now all that money I spent on systems and games doesn't go to waste, and my son gets to learn what it's like to have a job. Game, Set, and Match.

Ok for real though I, like most everyone else, do not have the time for all three (major) systems. I have quite the backlog (goes back to last gen still haven't even played TLO or spent any real time on GTA5) and at times I feel like I need to get through it, which then turns it into a chore. I have to step back and remind myself this is for entertainment purposes and feeling pressure from a backlog kind of defeats the purpose for me.