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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What you think of gamers who afford every system, every gen?

I've often wondered how some gamers afford every system every console cycle. I've either had life events prevent me from achieving this. I thought at the start of this gen I would achieve it, but just the XO has eluded me because of unforseen 'financial constraints'.

Are you in a similar situation? I'd like to hear your story!

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I could have all 3 if I really wanted to but what sense would it make? I barely have time for my PS4 and Wii U much less a third console, not to mention I could do something else with the cash. This is the same reason I don't have a gaming PC either.

I'm luckily in a position where I could afford every console but I won't. In fact I would rather limit myself to as few gaming options as possible. Having your gaming experiences spread over so many devices and environments is exhausting.

From this Gen I currently own a Vita(and Vita TV), PS4, Wii U and a capable PC and Smartphone. I'm currently considering if I might get a N3DS. But I honestly hate the fact that I need so many devices to play all the games I want. Nintendo can't go 3rd party soon enough.

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I could buy all 3 systems if I wanted to but I would rather spend that money on sex toys, hookers and lube cause the amount of overlap for games between PC/Ps4/X1 or just Ps4/X1 doesn't justify the purchase for me


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If I really wanted to I probably could get all three home consoles, but I won't. I get pretty much all I want from my PS4 and my brother bought a Wii U. As for the XBO I'll probably get it at the end of the generation, if at all, when it's cheaper and has more games I want to play.

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I feel this gen is going rather slow for me in terms of wanting to own all the systems.

So far I'm looking into upgrading my PC first since I managed to amass a nice backlog on Steam from previous and recent sales, Wii U will probably be my first to purchase since it's the cheapest in my eyes and has a decent amount of games I want.

Not so sure of the XB1 and PS4 though since MS is having trouble trying to keep hold of their exclusives and simply letting them wander to other platforms and this gen is all about exclusives for me so that's an issue with the XB1 for me.

The price point and general offerings from Sony aren't really enticing me so far and even keeping up to date with news on their end still isn't showing me much to go for which means waiting 4-5 years feels like the better option for me financially and being able to see if they have anything by then that I'd want, until then both the Xb1 and PS4 are mostly off the table for me until I see a secure valid reasons to own both, I'll be happy for the next year or 3 owning my 3DS, PC and a Wii U.

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Even though bias is based on personality and value over one thing or another which can be inevitable in most cases, having all consoles tends to slight decrease the chances of elevated bias even though one might have one. They tend to have a more cultured opinion of games and enjoy the variety therein.

I think... good for them?

Or bad for them. One of my friends buys way too many gaming things. He has multiple 3DS systems, all three next gen consoles. I doubt he could be saving much cash with his spending habits but of course it's his money to spend as he pleases.

Coming from someone who has the, all, it's exhausting honestly. Pretty much all I played in 2014 was my Xbox One, Ps4 for a few games, Wii U for one, Vita for a few, and 3DS for Pokemon. Time is the main issue, not really money.

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