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AZWification said:
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AZWification said:

TLOU is good and enjoyable, but it's not the second coming of Christ some users have made it out to be!

The second coming of Christ has nothing on The Last of Us. 

Maybe if you are an atheist, yes!

I believe in Shu. 

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

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Its a good game and ive just got to the winter bit in hills but then i got gta5 on ps4 too ( i avoided bith games on last gen waited until i got ps4 was sooo tempting to buy them on ps3 cheap but i resisted) l. Now i have gta5 tlou is relegated to back off cupboard


AZWification said:

TLOU is good and enjoyable, but it's not the second coming of Christ some users have made it out to be!

well, it's enjoyable like the 100th coming of Christ

I will never understand what was "boring" about the beginning. It all started off awesome to me. But it's great that you finally gave it a chance

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TLOU is probably my favorite game of all time/best

But i did find the first quarter a bit slow (the parts with tess)

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d21lewis said:

Had the PS3 version for over a year now.  Wasn't very impressed by it.  Just got the remaster last Tuesday and finally started playing.  It looked barely better than the PS3 game and I was kind of regretting the purchase.  I got to the part that I reached last year before giving up (I wasn't stuck.  Just bored.) and suddenly, the game became awesome.

So, I hope you Playstation fans are happy now.

Because I am!

Don't feel bad, I was the same way at first.  I got the game I put it in, played a few levels and got board.   Then after the barrage of reviews came in I felt that I need to see what everyone was talking about so I played a little more and then I was hooked.   I mean the game is dark as hell, and yet it just manages to keep you  invested  with the slimmest, most minuscule piece of hope.  But the execution is so clever, that it just has to be played.   By the time you leave the University, they have you.  And then when winter comes.... oh dear lord...

Its one of those games where the quality is so high, it actually elevated video games as a whole. 

The multiplayer is where the perfect gameplay of TLOU shines.

It is fucking amazing and innovative.

It's surely a great game, I played recently on PS3 (because I'm such a hipster) and thought it was one of the finer examples of survival horror.

I never tried the multiplayer but I've been hearing only praise about it, maybe I should give it a try someday.

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S.Peelman said:
I haven't completed it either. I doesn't grip me enough to want to play through it in one streak. I just escaped the city with the black man and son.

It's a good game, sure, with a very refined way of story-telling, characterization and presentation. Beautiful really, but it's gameplay is sorely lacking. It's overly simple and mechanics are sluggish. Move a plank here and there, climb it, rinse and repeat. Melee combat feels slow and imprecise. I get why they designed it that way, but it just isn't working for me. The Uncharted series is way better in that regard. The game is supposed to be all about stealth, but by now I have so many bullets I can just shoot my way through. Just stand in a corner somewhere and fire a shot, wait for every enemy to come rushing in mindlessly and kill them off one by one. This is an AI problem, but not the only one. Enemies don't seem to react to Ellie or other allies. I've seen multiple instances when they just literally run into Ellie, but don't react to her being there (she's stupid to be so out in the open anyway but that's beside the point) or even see her. Not until I myself pop my head from behind a counter do they react.

I think it's one of the weaker games in Naughty Dog's portfolio, and I don't get the huge praise it gets. The Uncharted soon-to-be-quadrilogy is just better in practically every way. I'll beat The Last of Us some day it just isn't in any hurry. It's unlikely I would buy a sequel.

So basically I like it for it's story and presentation, but not for it's simple gameplay and lower level of 'fun', which are the most important parts of any game. Couldn't resist a little rant, even though I know this game's somehow impervious to criticism here on VGC and I'll get flak for it.

This was interesting. You're right about the ai/enemy thing but the game is specifically made to only react to the main player in stealth mode. I bet my life the game would've been criticised in reviews if the enemies reacted to the other players. The game would be unbeatable if the enemies reacted to them. Usually everybody complains about the other characters in games and escort mission type people. I heard it's the best in The Last Of Us lol. also, it only happens in in stealth mode so if you some how alerted the enemies then it all goes out the window and they can react with each other


About the gameplay.. What is your definition of gameplay. I've heard some specific people claim the gameplay is lacking or whatever but how? That gameplay is smooth as hell and i played it on PS3. People say that Resident Evil 4 had some of the best gameplay but RE4 was clunky as shit. 


The Evil Within is supposed to be like the new Resident Evil, right? The Evil Withins gameplay is just like The Last Of Us but not as Smooth. I noticed that IMMEDIATELY when i played The Evil Within. Why would they make The Evil Eithin play like The Last Of Us instead of RE4 if RE4 had the better gameplay?


Wth is the real definition of gameplay because i just cannot understand how The Last Of 's gameplay is so horrible. The gameplay is perfect to me. Joel moves around perfectly in his world

Without the clever pacing at the start of the game, the middle and end would not have the same impact. The narrative and gameplay evolve as do the characters.


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