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ofrm1 said:

Borderlands, The Witcher 2, Metro Redux, XCOM, any Valve games. My point is that the number is much better than it was just a year ago and will get even better as more steam machines are released.

I personally do not expect Steam Machines are going to do much of anything. We have no evidence that will say they will, I am interested in them because Steam Machines run Debian at their heart and I love Debian. But right now (native) Linux gaming is still a joke and there is no evidence that will change in the near future. As I said I run pretty much any indie game I want using Wine on Ubuntu. Indie games and strategy games (with occassional RPGs) is all I play on PC but I am interested to see if Steam OS and the Steam Controller can bring strategy games to the big screen! I think the Steam Controller is going to succeed but I think Steam Boxes and Steam OS are going to flop hard. 

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errorpwns said:

Yet somehow my mom was able to open skyrim and just play it. No setting changes, no technical issues. No downloading of patches after buying a disc in a store. Just download it in minutes on steam and play it. She has no technical PC skills. Her PC was cheaper to build than a used PS3 too and runs it better than a PS3 could ever dream of running it. Required no extra talent to run.

and now show her how to mod skyrim, the vanilla game sucks ass. sooo many bugs...

currently there are just 1600 games supported on Steam OS while there are close to 10,000 on Windows, for a Steam machine to even come close to taking some of the console market the machines need to be priced around the same price as the PS4 but as that consoles retail price is set to drop this year it'll be even harder to get people to buy it, the Steam OS sounds just like the pipe dream Trip Hawkins had with the 3DO which also had various manufacturers and could possibly suffer the same fate, Steam OS might not flop but the Steam machine is a risk im not willing to take!

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Your mother is pretty awesome I must say!

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