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I wouldn't say they have a more diverse library than Nintendo. They just have a more opposite library. You will never have the kind of experiences you get on Nintendo anywhere else, and that's not from a quality POV, that's from a genre POV. They don't have an abundance of AAA 2D platformers or AAA 3D platformers. They don't make AAA party games. They don't give anyone a reason to own more than two controllers, and that's mostly just for fighting games. They don't make AAA rail shooters like Star Fox or AAA racers in the same vein as F-Zero. They don't make exploration games in the same vein as Metroid.

You can't boil Nintendo games down to just being E rated. That's not why those people buy those games. No one is making those types of games anymore to that quality but Nintendo.

That doesn't mean that I don't think they should expand to make games that the PSXB audience want's, because they should, but it's not because those guys are all encompassing and Nintendo isn't. Both offer a wide variety of different things, but PSXB offers the far more popular and lucrative genres at that AAA quality.

Well, this is new.


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JayWood2010 said:
RavenXtra said:

Except that they don't. Which is why games like Mario, Pokemon, Metroid, Animal Crossing, Star Fox, Wii Series, etc. all have varying sales patterns. Nintendo has a ton of variety in its IPs, and not every series appeals to the people that buy Nintendo consoles.

Obviosly some is more popular than the other.  But yeah in general i do believe that its a huge portion of the fanbase.  

And id argue they dont have a wide variaty outside the family friendly market.

Ur statement still doesn't make sense. Of course the ones that share a genre or characters probably share the same audience. Various Mario titles and games like Mario/Kirby/Donkey Kong probably attract many of the same crowd. But to say a game like Fire Emblem, Metroid Prime or Xenoblade has the same audience as Mario is just rediculous, yes there is probably an overlap to a certain degree, for example I enjoy all of those games listed above but that's quite a big generalization to say they all have the same fanbase.

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Hey Jay.

I think that the main flaw in your description is that you're ignoring Nintendo's success on the handhelds with basically the same 1st party strategy. Keep in mind, Nintendo handhelds thrive on Nintendo 1st party IPs as well, and rare 3rd party games will help keep the momentum.

With that in mind, I think that the issue isn't the fact that Nintendo can't support a console only with 1st party games because it can, the handhelds prove it. The issue is that they can't support two consoles with only 1st party games.

They need to unify their library and reduce the costs of their consoles in general, and then just pump out software.

Yes, Nintendo can. But I am not sure if they will do it. Maybe Nintendo will understand that they won't successful forever with 'Please understand's. I really hope their next product will be greater but I can only hope. I don't believe they will attract the PS/Xbox fans because of their image. But I think they can change the world of gaming once again and with their innovation they will have a great success again.

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They can, Nintendo have more and popular IPs than PlayStation and Microsoft, they just need to get third party to next console.
PlayStation and Microsoft consoles would be perform worst than Wii U without third party.

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Until they make a console which is similar in power to the other consoles, only then will third party's support the console. Third party support is crucial.
Another option would be to make a console with a gimmick that attracts the casuals. Then they wouldn't even need third party games.


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padib said:
Hey Jay.

Hey man!

I did mention 3DS actually and 3DS has a few thing their home consoles dont including Pokemom, third party support, and more eastern support

It depends really. Nintendo financially could,but they'd still be looked at like a failure. Look at the Wii's massive success,people still regard it as a failure. I don't think anything Nintendo could do could make people say they are a successs nowadays. It's just how the scene has changed and how Nintendo is currently treated in the industry today sadly

but we'll see what they do with their next console,maybe gaming communities and media will prove me wrong

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stay afloat as they are the way they do things, over time hardware power increases will lead to diminishing visual returns, the cost of hardware that is able to produce high fidelity visuals will be low. Produce games they have andhigh quality AAA games... profit.

torok said:
Mnementh said:

Does it look so much better for PS4? remakes of TLOU and GTAV. Theyearly releases the WiiU also got. I give you, that Battlefield and GTA missed WiiU. Still most of usual big selling multiplats were available. It does sell PS4, but it didn't sell WiiU.

Here are the PS4 million sellers:

Sorry, this comparison is bad. PS4 is out a year later, after WiiU already has failed. but if you look more on your million-seller-list, you notice WiiU had a lot of predecessors to this games: COD, FIFA, NBA, NFS. If PS4 would have released a year earlier, these predecessors would be in your million-seller-list, but they failed to sell the WiiU. So you even strengthen my point: multiplats seem not to work for Nintendo-platforms.

And Nintendo made what 3rd-parties wanted with WiiU. Remember EA being full of praise? Unprecedented partnership? Remember that Nintendo hold back with own releases to give room for 3rd-parties to sell? That last point is part of the answer to your question why WiiU didn't sell. It had NSMBU and Nintendoland as first party games at launch - and then long time nothing.

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