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So I've been playing Far Cry 4 recently and the game is pissing me off lol. I usually dont get angry when I play games but for some reason Far Cry 4 is really rubbing me the wrong way.

The checkpoint system is very sketchy and has a lot of archaic design flaws such as psychic enemies, enemies who can shoot you from literally miles away, and psychic mortar strikes that kills you instantly no matter what you do. Sometimes you really just wanna kick the game devs in the balls lol jk

So whats the most frustrating game you've ever played?

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Demyx from KH2. As a kid for some reason I just couldn't beat him, took me like 50 tries.

Dark Souls. Not particularly because the game design is bad, but because it's built to be difficult and punishing. Controllers have been thrown.

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AC 1, because it's so god damn boring and repetitive. I have no idea why I beat that game.

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M.o.M. I can't take seriously the opinions of anyone who claims to like that game. Same with the Sonic Adventure games.

Well, this is new.


Ninja Gaiden. It was so hard on that normal difficulty, I refused lowering difficulty after so many deaths. When I did, they've lowered me to Lesser Ninja. Never picked up the game again.

Driver 2 on Chase the Gunman, because the game framerate was abysmal and no matter what, I always crashed with something solid and lost the gunman.

Driv3r when I first played it. The Chase was extremely annoying because of the narrow streets of Istanbul. Lamposts were the devil. I rebought the game years later and completed it after two tries.

FFVII - My first ever JRPG, had no idea how equipping armor or swords workd, I litterally when through 65% of the game using the first weapon you get the buster sword. It was a big trial and error for me at the time but I eventually got it beat after 4 playthoughs. Several holes appeared in my wall before this though.

Sonic - Yeh the first one, I downloaded it on the PSN last year and it was incredibly difficult to beat, not to mention the trophies were near impossible.

Demon's Souls, Dark Souls - These two games for obvious reasons, there fucking made to kill you over and over.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma - I couldn't get past a quarter of this game no matter how hard I tried.

I said this game in a few threads but I will say it again. Houkago Custom Time... Got friendzoned by the ai in a porn game... Either I lost my touch or this game is terrible and I say this game is terrible


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Im using VGChartz on PS4 and I cant reply to you guys for some reason.

"Say what you want about Americans but we understand Capitalism.You buy yourself a product and you Get What You Pay For."  

- Max Payne 3