Anybody else still have the orignal 3DS?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Anybody else still have the orignal 3DS?

I'm not gonna spend $200 on a console that plays the same games as the last one. So I've stuck with the original model.

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yep, but i also have a 3ds xl and when i have enough money I will invest in a new 3ds xl

Have the original. Waiting for the new 3ds.

Yea, I got it at launch! Although, I do use the limited edition Pokemon X/Y xl instead now and mostly my sister uses the original loll


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I traded my Ice White original for the XL, I needed the bigger screen. But I will not be upgrading to the new one. Having a slightly more powerful version with exclusive games is pretty poor practice imo.

It has put me off buying the first version of any Nintendo handheld going forward

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Yup, I still have the original 3DS! I might get a 3DS XL in the near future though!

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I do, no plans on updating either.

Yeah, i'm pretty much stuck with it.

I still have it, and will not upgrade until more "New" 3DS games come along.

No, I sold mine after I got my XL because I didn't really have much use for it anymore.