Is Zelda U seriously the only next must have Wii U title?

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What a dumb question. How do you know wheter if a game is a must have or not?

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I think is not about a single game by itself is about the whole library of great and exclusive games you can only esperience on WiiU

The Legend Of Zelda / Splatoon/ Captain Toad / Xenoblade/ Kirbty/ Yoshi/ Starfox/ Devil's Third/ SMTxFE..

Also there would be a lot of unanounced games and maybe some roumors come true (ZombiU 2,Retro Studios' Game...)

I only want Nintendo to create a new player's choice line earlier and better than what they did with the first Wii.. games like Pikmin/ Wonderful101/ Lego City/ Donkey.. deserve to stay alive for a looong time

If you are talking about must-have major system sellers as you say in the OP, then it seems the Wii U will never have any at all.

I must have Xenoblade though, that's a game I absolutely must have.

I want to make a question..

what is systme seller??

I though you were talking about really good games that can take the attention from a lot people..

Well the fact is that Assassins Creed Unity, Watchdigs or Driveclub aren't that greate but all of they pushed up the sells of the hardware... Hype is a capricious bitch!!

also many games sell for their trailers not for their final quality.. and we all know colorful games are percieved as a minor product compared to realistc ones.... something goes wrong on this world.. it's a shame

Zelda games are the only must have of any console.

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There's Xenoblade, the unannounced 3D Mario, the upcoming Star Fox game, possibly whatever game Retro Studios started working on after the last DKC, The Devil's Third, Yoshi's Woolly World, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Mario Maker, possibly other unannounced games.

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It is all rehashes of games you have already played on Nintendo before. The only "new" game for WiiU will be Devil's Third, and that one will flop badly because it is a low budget game with more ambition than talent or budget.

Its a given that metroid is coming and there will be new stuff unveiled next year.

Xenoblade is definitly a must-have though.

But look at it from this point of view: What did Sony have for this year? The PS4 still beasted.

Splatoon is one. If I had not bought a Wii U, Splatoon would have been the game that made me want one. I am sure we will see a new Animal Crossing game. And contrary to popular belief Animal Crossing is a system seller. Specially in Japan.

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