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user icon looks yummy

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Has one of the best signatures on the site.


 2008 end of year predictions:

PS3: 22M

360: 25M

wii: 40M

Its' Leo-j, I like Leo-j, though dunno why he's posting as zackblue?

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Has nice glasses!

the above user is Cool to the power of 48

Wii code: 6355-7594-5867-2364 Wii name: Mo Smash Bros Brawl: 5198-6095-4615 Cue Sports Revolution: 5327-4649-0447 Mario Kart Wii: 3308-8543-5834



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Love sig.

Has a pretty interesting avatar



leo-j is back and is new and improved!!!

Wii Code 8761-5941-4718-0078 

Get's points for being honest.

Awesome old avatar pic on page.