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I just got GTA 5 on Xbox One since I sold the 360 version. This game is still a masterpiece! Great graphics, great gameplay (I have not tried online yet), great everything! Best game so far this gen!

What can rockstar do to improve their next game?

-greater draw distance and character on screen count

-have a 7 day calender and world does different things on different days

-add seasons

-more missions

-more destructable environments

-keep the 1080p 30fps it works well

-more activities such as fishing

-even better folliage

-more random missions

-have a female main character/keep the three character gameplay

-Better punching/kicking

-Better online

What else??

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You got it all right besides one thing.The game is 30 fps not 60.Destructable environments would be a good move but i believe that's too much to ask.Real life cars would be welcome for me.A better melee system too.They need to work on improving gta online as well.

Nah, matchmaking in GTA Online is still a piece of shit and animals are still missing from Online.

I don't hugely care about online, but what I've seen on the next gen remake has been impressive, though not quite enough for me to double dip yet

What I really want is a single player expansion with more heists in San Fierro and Las Venturas

But I put 50 hours into the PS3 version, when the PS4 version is the right price, I'll happily do the same again. For now Unity and Dragon Age are keeping me perfectly occupied though

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toastboy44562 said:

-even better folliage

For the PS4?

Make it 2nd person!

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- Make it Bully 2.

You admit 1080p works well? Who would have thought.
First person mode looks like a lot of fun. First thing I did was grab someone out of his car and start boxing :)
Could be improved with Move compatibility for fighting and shooting.

Take some main missions to the next level of quality, like an Uncharted level. Obviously you won't get 50 missions like that, but maybe like 4 or 5.

Add more shit to do on every corner, marking it on the map. Like Far Cry 3 and 4.

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