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With the news Xbox One is undertracked by 200k in the UK, is it safe to assume Xbox One is undertracked in many more places in Europe? The Xbox One shipped about 10 million units and VGChartz has the system for 6.7 million sold, about 3 million on shelves (unrealistic). This site has overtracked the system in the USA by about 50k. I could see Xbox One being undertracked by about a million in Europe/other territories just like the 360 was undertracked by a couple million in these regions.


What do you think?

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I suspect that is undertracked in France as well, considering how well it does/performs at Amazon fr.

TiagoCosta said:
I suspect that is undertracked in France as well, considering how well it does/performs at Amazon fr.

Perhaps Xbox is undertracked by about 300k in those regions alone and a couple hundred thousand in 'others' regions

Sorry toasty, in usa it s not only 50k overtracked but way more,because first week of November has October's last week numbers tripled ;)...

No the Xbox One is maby overtracked...

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ive been saying for a while that is where it is undertracked as america is pretty good and i cant see it doing well in japan. That leaves europe where things have looked good for a while. Though i dont expect mammoth numbers like ps4 its likely to be undertracked there.

Though i also dont think its heavily undeertracked, just undertracked

Undertracked by a couple of million??? Seriously?

I honestly doubt that. Even undertracked by a "couple hundred thousand" seems unrealistic. Sales started to skyrocket for XO not too long ago, no way it's undertracked by that much this early in it's life cycle.


Edit: It sold a Mil in Uk, 1-200 undertracked is plausible. A million though, nope.

i'm pretty sure MS said "sold 10M" so we're undertracked by like 4 million.

It's undertracked by about 150k in UK. Remember MCVUK is 12 days ahead of VGC. I'm not so sure about the rest of Europe though, as in mainland Europe the PS4 dominates. (like, really really dominates)

Given the announcements for the PS4 sales in Germany, the PS4 is also heavily under tracked in Europe.

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