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Forums - Gaming Discussion - GTA V PS4 vs XBO comparison

XBO version has less foliage

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The PS4 version looks much better.
I am actually surprised that there is such a big difference.

See this is the kind of stuff you put on there Ubi it doesn't have to be resolution just show that you aren't half-assing the PS4 version

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As expected. PS4 version is superior. But Xbox One version also looks good.

That's quite a substantial difference. I consider the huge impovement in foliage density to be the best graphical upgrade in GTAV remastered. Lots of Foliage>1080p (though 1080p doesn't hurt).

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The difference is amazing. Watch the actual video though, or go on digitalfoundry. This particular shot was cherrypicked for having the biggest difference. In most of them the world seems much more atmospheric in the PS4 version. However in a lot of the shots the PS4 does look washed out due to this extra atmospheric feel. One impression I did get is that the lighting effects are more realistic on the xbox one for some reason.

reminds me of that game on ps3/360 that lacked foliage on ps3, now we have a role reversal

I'll wait for DF's comparison before believing this, but if it is real then that's a surprisingly large difference. I was expecting near perfect parity between the two.

Holy shit ! Thats a mafia 2/RDR Level of différence ! No, even more !

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