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Sony really needs all the players on board for this to be even remotely successful.

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Zones said:
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Zones said:
walsufnir said:
Given the size of the competition Sony has to face I seriously doubt this will be a success. Especially limiting it to certain devices is not a good decision.

It's not limited to any certain device. The service is said to be available on pretty much all the major platforms and devices eventually.

Is it?

I can only find "When the actual service launches, consumers will be able to activate it by downloading an app on the PlayStation 4 or PS3 for a free trial. An iPad app is planned soon after the service launches, too." in your text which is limited. Perhaps I missed the mention of other devices.

But either way, there is too much competition for an additional service, in my opinion.

That's why I said eventually.

I am sure that around CES Andrew House mentioned that they are not planning to limit the service to their own devices. So this service should eventually arrive on iOS, Android, Windows, and probably Smart TVs. 

Your last point is fair, but Sony can and should leverage their already connected PlayStation devices around the world to outperform the competitors. You know, no other company has the luxury of possibly 100 million devices (PS3 & PS4) connected directly to the TV with their cloud service immediately enabled.


They really do have an advantage in there, and I believe that's why they have lumped the "PlayStation" brand with their new service.

Well, the service is US limited as it seems so there is no 100 million devices with PS3 and PS4. And it is even less if you are counting the active userbase for both systems.

I am skeptical in general because Sony has a tradition to tie their inventions to their systems which is legit but stops some services of becoming more successful.

This includes


- PSV sd-cards with other housing

- Memory-Stick

- PSNow

- Remote play

just to name a few. I can understand that they are trying to push their sales by this but by now it just didn't work for any of the "inventions" I listed above.

This was announced months ago while everyone is saying Sony is copying MS? Wtf?

So Sony has done what MS wanted the Xbone to be. I find it hilarious how despite trying to sell the Xbone as this all in one entertainment hub, they still ultimately required the console to be connected to a cable box and hence didn't solve anything. And now Sony has finally gotten rid of the cable box altogether, something that people expected the Xbone to do with its TV focus.

Although I don't care for this TV service I have to say that Sony played its cards right. They established the PS4 as the best gaming platform (at least in terms of perception) and now they're making it an entertainment hub, going for the TV crowd. They're doing it right as well, getting rid of the cable box altogether.


Very good name actually. Works in multiple languages too.
The serer looks great for PlayStation users :)

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Seece said:
Vue? Surprised they're allowed to use there, there is a UK cinema chain called Vue (who are bound to kick up a fuss).

Yeah that was the first thing that came to my head when I saw the name.

This isn't international, isn't it?

Bet with Xander XT: 

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Another epic failure like ps now.

How do you pronounce it and why it won't be available in Poland (most likely?

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:

Vue? More like Ewwww!!! As you can see, this name can be exploited easily

Anyway, so is it like netflix or is it like legit tv with those shitty ads included? Cause netflix >>>>>>>>>>>> TV

Why you copying :(. 

I may be late, but I was going to say that.

I agree with what you said though, but I'll fix it.  Netflix >>>> Hulu >>>>>>>>>>>>> TV.  Hulu is a great companion for Netflix.  Netflix + Hulu, who really cares about TV then unless you're into sports?  I can probably stream that crap somewhere online.