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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - 10-year-old girl defeats several top West Coast players at Smash Bros. Wii U GameStop event

One GameStop outlet held an event for Smash Bros. Wii U yesterday. That wouldn’t be news under most circumstances… if not for “Karissa”!

“Karissa”, a 10-year-old girl, managed to beat several top West Coast Smash players at GameStop’s event. You can get a look at Karissa dominating the competition in the videos below.

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The first comment literally sums up my feeling about this: "She does better than literally every single one of anyone in her demographic and gender."

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That should demolish the myth of kids not being hardcore.

Bet with Xander XT: 

I can beat more games on his 3DS than he can on my PSVita in a month. Loser has to buy the winner a game on his/her handheld Guess who won?


She better be at EVO next year.

yay! 10 year old girls don't play cod! :D

Anyway,,,,,,daaaaaammmmmmmnnnnn. She's very good. I'm looking forward to when she could defeat mew2king ect easily lol.

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She's okay. Better than the many scrub/average players, but that's it.

For some reason I started out impressed, but now I don't think it's too special.

Maybe I'm jealous because I suck at Smash. :P

The_Sony_Girl1 said:
That should demolish the myth of kids not being hardcore.

never heard of that before tbh.

Nintendo produces accessible hardcore games. (easy to understand hard to master)

Tetris(not Nintendo I know) is a hardcore game Mario also is Smash is MK is etc.

And according the 90% of  humans Nintendo is a kid company therefore kids = hardcore.

Anyway what I want to know is this:

How is she so good? When Brawl came out she was like 5 or so. Melee came out before she was born the 3DS game is not the best way to learn smash (different controls, multiplayer is online only etc etc)

How can a 10 year old beat people that played smash for decades?

That's great kiddo. You mastered video games at 10... Time to move on and get some other life skills.

Don't end up like guys like me who hang out in the back of arcades next to Street Fighter machines, giving hand jobs for quarters.

gotta use variety of attacks to over come players who use the same methods over and over, and playing defensive played right into her hands.