Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are you getting GTA V again on PS4/XB1/PC?

Which platform are you getting it on?

XB1 26 9.89%
PS4 133 50.57%
PC 39 14.83%
I'm content with my PS360 version 31 11.79%
Don't want it 34 12.93%

No. I've already played it and although it was fun, its not worth buying again.


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Though I got a little bored of the game towards the 2nd half (seemed to take ages for me to get to the end)... I cannot wait to play it again on PS4... so just today pre-ordered it :)

I'm looking forward to getting on it again, seeing the better graphics and new features, and a more lively world.

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don't see the point...didn't play it much after I completed the story

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Kerotan said:
JazzB1987 said:

PC when its discounted (because of shitty additional DRM and by then it will probably be removable)

If no DRM = Day1. (well not really will still try to get it sub 30)

Why the PC version? Because of:

  • 4k+ resolutions
  • 60fps
  • video option sliders
  • free online

and last but not least this:


GTA5 PC will probably end up looking better than GTA6 on consoles.

the diff is the pc crowd have to wait a long time to ven get the game. meanwhile console gamers have moved onto new games. 

OT: I've pre ordered this on PSN

They have to wait a bit longer yes but what exactly is the disadvantage in getting the game 2 months later? I mean why do you buy the PS4 version 14 months later?

I can already preorder the PC version for the same price or even less than the XBO/PS4 version will cost in January. So no money disadvantage.

And its not like I am a mainstreamer that desperately needs a specific game because all the "cool kidz" around me own it and when I dont own it I am "uncool".  That "cool kidz train" departed in 2013 anyway.

Avoiding spoilers is also irrelevant because you either got spoiled by now or you didnt.

And if I want to play the game right now i can always go and buy the PS360 version for 15 bucks and then play my 30 bucks PC version in january.

The 2 months pose no problem to me :)

Technically not again, as I skipped it to wait for a next-gen version. Which btw people at the time assured me would never happen... Looks like it was worth the wait.

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Didnt get the first version and probably wont get this one either.

I was started and done with the series on GTA3.

Yeah I sold my PS3 steel book for $40 the moment it was announced. Then I was going to get it at launch but couldn't bring myself to do it for a remaster (other than TLoU which I bought at launch partly due to Summer release and $50 worth of Powerup Rewards points) and so I put it on my Christmas list along with LBP3 and FC4

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Might get it on PS4 when the time is right.

I'll most likely be getting it on PC, but if the console version is stable enough i may get it on PS4.

Getting it for the first time, skipped it on the PS3 hoping for a PS4 port and bam there it is

Only question is, am I buying it day 1 or will there be any Christmas discounts?

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

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