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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Microsoft's Betrayal of 2013

I'm not talking about Xbox One or it's policies etc..

I'm talking about the shameful last year for the 360, there was one exclusive that was released in 2013 as we all know was Gears of War: Judgement which was received as 'meh, it's not bad' despite a meta of 79. Even if this game scored a 10/10 it would still be inexcusable.

Microsoft has infinite money, they could've easily bought some exclusives in the 360's last year to show their consumers that they actually care (even if it's to pretend they care) and as a final homage to a successful gen. But they got Judgement..

INB4: "They were getting games ready for Xbox One" Sony were getting ready for PS4 yet still managed to get out:

The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, God of War: Ascension, Gran Turismo 6, MLB 13, Rain+ A Bajillion Japanese Games + PSN Games
And were still able to get out Knack (lol) Killzone: Shadowfall, Resogun and the F2P games.
Maybe this could be another reason for loss of consumer trust aswell as the whole Xbox One reveal disaster? 

PS4(PS5 Soon)and PC gaming

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Microsoft's last few years on X360 was a shame. Its the main reason i feel Xbox as a brand is questioned by many people. Luckily they seem to havve gotten back on the right path but its a shame they ever took the wrong path in the first place

Not likely. Most people don't care too much for exclusives, especially not just having the most of them.

The 360 was done, it was time to move on and actually thinking about it Gears Judgement could have even done well as a launch game for the Xbox One rather than a 360 game.

If you count games like The Last of Us for Ps3, why aren't you counting games like Battleblock Theater, State of Decay or Dark for 360? That's more than one exclusive, isnt' it?

it was the 360's 9th year.

it was the PS3's 8th year.

and... recent adopters cant play back catalogues? buying games from the library is banned?  Only excluisve games are released?

give it a rest.

I'm not really here!

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Sony gained consumer confidence because of consistency with game development for the console and partnerships. The only reason why th 360 is out for a decade is because of sony's ten year profitability plan. MS is naturally focused on slowing sonys growth, but of course they need to focus the primary funds into the xbone and differentiating it or else people would stick with their 360 consoles. They are trying to ease you out of it and even moneyhatting would not help such a sound plan.

I really hope we get back to a day where a game rated as 79, is given proper respect. Freakin ridiciulous to say it's only 'meh' (or less).

S.T.A.G.E. said:
or else people would stick with their 360 consoles.

So it was true when Microsoft said that people are more satisfied with the 360 than the ps3, hence why those users are "less needed" to upgrade to next-gen!

It would be more excusable if MS's studios had a load of games ready for the new gen, but they haven't. Their internal studios have only released two games so far, all the best games have been farmed out to third parties. Makes me wonder what they have been doing all this time.  Sony's output in PS3's final year was excellent really, so much so I wish they had kept at least one of those games back and launched it on PS4 instead, considering launch exclusives were uninspiring.

It will be interesting to see what MS studios does going forward, and hopefully we see more new IPs and less reliance on Halo, Forza and Gears.

Just forget about the last years on Live. First couple of years for PS3 was pretty rough too.