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I think this has always been the case, but it still stinks

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We have known about this since before the console came out

Nothing to see here, move along

For what it's worth, i got a lot out of it in the past 2 years. No complaints here!

I'd forgotten about that promotion; thanks for reminding me. Off to go redeem my backlog.

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I don't think I've bought a single thing on the Wii U eShop. Only games I've gotten were free from Club Nintendo. Probably should have utilized that more.

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Nintendo should really continue that, like maybe $10 a year to use that? I would probably make that $10 back in the first few weeks.

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the DD program needs to continue. Its a major selling point for me between Digital and retail.

I really hope Nintendo reconsiders and continues the program. Its gotten me to buy a lot more eShop content than I would have otherwise.

Glad that that will be over soon. Makes room for a new reward system that can include the 3DS as well.

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Those have always been the terms for it.

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