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not bad, the level of detail is good and it seems they are using some tesselation for the rocks and the terrain rendering as well, i was waiting for a racing game since need for speed so this one and project cars are the games i am most waiting for without accounting bayo2, smash and others


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60 fps, 1080p... wow this guys are genius, that's the WiiU power. so much optimization on their games. bravo!!

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Looks great. Should play great too.

spurgeonryan said:
Looks really good, but is this an actual gameshot?

Shin'en perform miracles with hardware. So even if it isn't an actual in game shot, I don't doubt they'll get somewhere close.

My only concern is going to be the physics and course design in the game as they far more so than graphics make or break this type of game.

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Is the game 720p? The screenshot is 1080p but the IQ looks like shit (for a 1080p screen).

Anyway, looks pretty good. Doubly so given the team size and budget.

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Day one for me, been waiting for an F-Zero for way to long, and dont think will see a WiiU version, so bring this on, played the demo of the original on Wii and liked it, although this should be more refined.


Ah Germans. Is there anything they can't engineer to perfection?

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Kresnik said:
Looks very good for a team of that size.

Not the screenshot I'd use to entice people into my game though. Not very exciting.

Well the Super Mario 3D World reveal and Hyrule Warriors reveal was a bit underwelming as well. Look at them now!

Damian.W said:
Ah Germans. Is there anything they can't engineer to perfection?

Mobile phones, they were awful.

must likely will be 720p 60fps