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I've been playing video-games since the Atari 2600.  I had the NES and SNES, as well.

Older games are not necessarily harder, it's just that they require a different skill-set.

Most NES and SNES games were about timing and memory.  They used mostly static challenges that required experience to beat.  You often had to play--and die--multiple times before you realized the solution and got your timing down.  After that, though, it was pure cake.  Punch-out is a really good example.  It took me forever to beat the last couple of bosses.  Once I got down their moves, though, I would beat the game at least twice a day while barely paying attention.  

Games now are more dynamic.  The same encounter in a game might play out differently from one play-through to the next.  It requires more processing power, as you can have enemies come in from multiple directions with a variety of attack options.  It requires better decision making skills but less analytical problem solving skills.

Honestly, if you a teenager from the 80s into a game of CoD, they would absolutely suck at it.  They'd struggle with The Last of Us or Left 4 Dead.  They would have to develop the skills to succeed at games that were outside their experience.  

In my opinion, the idea that gamers back then were "better" is meaningless and silly.  They were better at the games they played, just as gamers now would be better at the games they themselves play.

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BraLoD said:
Get someone to play Tomb Raider, someone that say old games are better, and let's see what he can do, let's watch his agony trying to play that... Lol.
Jokes apart, games are games, those old games were once top quality stuff that impressed people in so many ways that is only normal to them to have deep feelingx about them, but the quality is only rising.
As a personal taste, to me the PS1 is still the best console ever made because how it shapped gaming to what it is today and the numerous franchises it saw born with it.
But if you check my top ten list, only one game from that era made it (to the top 1), and that is only because it's my favorite game period, all the rest is PS2 or PS3 era games (4 and 5 respectively), this gen is probably make some rooms in my list as it goes too. (Disgaea 5 to be the first contestant to try to claim a position there xD).
Quality is always raising, but experiences are what counts more to people.
There is nothing wrong with people holding old mario, sonic, zelda, pokemon, megaman and stuff in really high standards, as they were able to move them in ways even better games today can't, but downplay new stuff because of this is just ridiculous, really as old people tend to do about movies, music, and everything, it's just nostalgia taking them over the sanity

I disagree it's just Nostalgia. I love a lot of movies that were even made before I was born. Not because of Nostalgia, as I did many of them see after I saw most of the new top-movies. But look at masterpieces as Seven Samurais, Dr. Strangelove, Casablanca or Vertigo, and tell me the quality today has really improved.

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pepharytheworm said:

The funny thing is that some of the ones complaining about the older generation judging them will one day do the same thing to those younger than themselves.


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Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy III/VI will be remembered and revered through generations.

Call of Duty will eventually be forgotten.

Older gamers are "superior" to young guys in the way that they have played on three or four times more consoles.
They have played on the 8-bit and atari, all the way to the PS4.
But superior might not be the right word.
Its an experience thing.
Just like a traveller who has seen all the continents looks differently to a new place than someone who only knows the USA.
And a guy who has had 10 girlfriends and has slept with 30 women, views women differently because of his knowledge out of experience than the guy who is with his first girlfriend.
Its why you start as a co-pilot and not as a captain.

Technically you can be better than the veteran though.
You might be better at the controls than those old school guys.
You can fly sharper than an old captain.

But life is a story of experience.
Just like a rpg.


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Psychotic said:
kupomogli said:

If I played as poorly as both of these gamers, I'd be embarrassed to put the videos on Youtube, but it's like every single person who sucks at gaming, feels the need to have a Youtube channel with tens of thousands of videos. There are some good gamers who have thousands of Youtube videos, but the majority of them are shitty gamers cashing in on the popularity of the genre. I was trying to show a game off the other day, but I couldn't find one video that the player didn't suck ass at it.

Maybe they know that skill isn't everything? Or even better - that skill means *nothing* if it doesn't improve your experience?

When, why not watch a movie. You can have the experience without any skill. And I do love watching movies. They usually have better graphics and story than current games.

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fps_d0minat0r said:
No but im tired of them acting like their games were genuinely harder rather than accepting they were harder because the AI and controls were generally s**t.

Well, better AI usually makes games harder. And 2D games had masterful controls for a long time. As 3D came up, the devs were confused how to handle it right for a while, so controls were lacking. But games before 3D already often had perfect controls. So, what is left of your argument?

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Yes, I am tired of it. And my first console was a Master System so I played a lot of the hard games and still disagree. My points:

- Old games are short: it was normal for a platform to last 1 or 2 hours. Few games had save batteries, so you had to be able to finish it in one session. But any kid would be frustrated if their Christmas gift was over in 2 hours, so games were hard to hold you progress and increase the lasting appeal. MGS V: Ground Zeroes is panned as a "demo" but it actualy has 6 hours and is longer than 95% of the NES games. Modern games are longer, and being as difficult as old games would make you take years to finish a game. I actually prefer to take time because a game is long than simply replaying the same session a thousand of times.

- Online: competitive online is harder than any game simply because game AIs aren't made to beat you, just to give a good fight. An online competitor not just want to beat you, he will want to humiliate you if he can. I can say that I had a way worse time dealing with skilled players on Killzone, TLOU and KOF that I had with all old school games.

But this is actually normal. Saying that "things were better in my time" is just a proof that you are getting old. We get used to what we did or have when young so it's normal to see what new generations have as worse.

Jon-Erich said:

I actually agree with Rich 100%. He's not making himself look superior. He's just a 33 year old man who's been gaming all his life, just like how I'm a 29 year old gamer who's been gaming for 25 years. It's not like he gave up gaming 20 years ago and is making observations. He still plays games today and is making these observations based on his own experiences and these kids are further proof of his accusations. I'll go over these arguments one at a time.

Holding gamers' hands

 Do you know who also complained about games holding your hand too much? Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma. He admitted that his very own The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was guilty for doing this and has stressed the need for future Zelda titles to not do this as much. What's funny is Zelda probably does a lot less than other games.

Easy Games

Yes, games today are too easy. Based on my own experiences, games have gotten increasingly easier as the generations have passed. While I feel that the Castlevania games and Ninja Gaiden games on the NES were too difficult, games today tend to be much easier than they should be, especially given how short they are compared to just one generation ago. I think the 16-bit era had a perfect balance of having games that required skill and provided challenge but didn't torture you as much as the NES games.

Meaningful Game Endings

I'll also argue that yes, finishing a game 20-25 years ago did mean something. If you beat a difficult game back then like Contra, chances are you'll probably remember that very day 20 years later. As further proof of this, statistics have shown that a lot of gamers these days don't even finish a lot of games. It's not that they can't. The motivation just isn't there. This was an exuse many publishers have used when explaining why their gave have gotten increasingly shorter over the previous decade.

Gamer Skills

While I don't speak for all gamers today, I will say this. If you can't beat Glass Joe in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, then you do suck at gaming. Punch-Out has some of the most intuitive controls imaginable, meaning that anytime you mess up is your own fault, not the game's fault. When I was 5 or 6 years old, I only lost to Glass Jow once. That was deliberately done because I had beaten him so many times and wanted to see what his sprite animation looked like when he won. I could understand if a firstime player lost to Piston Honda or King Hippo, but not Glass Joe. The truth is, a lot of the more challenging 2D games tested kids' hand and eye coordination a lot more than the modern 3D games. For a lot of these old games, especially Contra or Castlevania, or NInja Gaiden, you had to be good at them in order to win.

Mainstream Games

As for mainstream games, they are made to appeal to the largest number of people possible. This means that gameplay isn't always made for the most dedicated gamer. It's not just gameplay either. The overall look and feel of a lot of these games reflect this. Marketing reflects this. Ever wonder why there are so many dark haired males protagonists with the 5 o'clock shadow? It's what a lot apparently sells.


You also mentioned that you started gaming in 1996. The thing is a lot of those PS1 games and N64 will get scrutinized by both young and older gamers alike. This was at a time when 3D gaming was in it's infancy and older games like Resident Evil and Tomb Raider have aged rather poorly. Still, what Rich is saying and what I'm saying is that kids today are not challenged enough with their games. I think it's a much bigger issue of old vs. new. If a game fails to challenge the player, then that player will lose interest in that game and thsat franchise very quickly. If a game is not compelling enough, then what will keep they player involved? Also, about the last thing you said. Not all the people in the videogame hated the game. Some of them, even the bad ones liked the game and wanted to play more of it.

I'm a 32 year old gamer and I completely approve of this message. :) 100% agreed! Btw I still to this day can't beat Mr. Sandman. Every time he does is special, I can only dodge 3 punches before the rest of them mow me down. LOL I tried to play it again on the Wii U and the same thing happened.

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Mr_No said:

I've played games for 20 years now. While I haven't enjoyed everything the NES and the SNES had to offer, I do admit that both consoles did have their prominent games that still hold up until this day. However, this elitism that dictates that every game back then is superior in any form to those nowadays is ridiculous.

Is this the same elitism that gives the AVGN his popularity?

C'mon, get serious.  Everybody knows there have been good and bad games since the beginning of the industry.