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Forums - Sales Discussion - Final Update: 760k - Predict XB1 Sales for September


How much will XB1 sell WW in September?

250k or less 153 30.85%
250k - 300k 50 10.08%
300k - 350k 62 12.50%
350k - 400k 41 8.27%
400k - 450k 41 8.27%
450k - 500k 30 6.05%
500k+ 119 23.99%

XB1 looks to have a very interesting September sales wise with new bundles, deals, game releases and country launches, so lets predict what the console will sell from 31st August - 4th October (5 weeks)

Pre September
Week ending 30th - Madden NFL 2015 with exclusive bundle inc free game


123k - Week ending 6th - Minecraft. Launch in 19 new countries: Chile, Colombia, Japan (40k shipments), Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and United Arab Emirates.

188k - Week ending 13th - Destiny, Gamestop deal (Buy an XB1 and get any game free)

94k - Week ending 20th - Launch in Israel

168k - Week ending 27th - Disney Infinity, Fifa 15 (with exclusive bundle in Europe with free game) Launch in 8 new countries: Hong Kong, India, Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan and Russia

186k - Week ending 4th - Foriza Horizon 2 and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, China (100k shipment).

Running Total - 760k.

Dadrik 0.7 - 1m
Josiah 400k - 500k
Poklane 625k
Xevross 470k
Deadbigfoot21 500k+
Prinz_valium 555k
Ka-Pi96 1m
CGI-Quality 600k - 700k
The Golden Boy 650k
WhiteEaglePL 450k
Fluky-Nintendy 500k+
Mr.Playstation 487k
Angelv577 550k
Tak13 450k - 550k
Shikamaru317 600k
Bubblegamer 550k - 600k
Vivster 500k+
Erwin 250k -
Leadified 450k
Fleischr 400k
Anfebious 550k
Seece 500k+
Adameh 525k
GameChaserBE 500k
Celador 500k - 600k
Episteme 800k
Lordphil 575k - 700k
Recon101 487k
BHR-2 600k - 700k
Namiirie 405k
SweettoothJ 1m
2008ProChargeGT 500k - 650k
GribbleGrunger 350k
Danman27 200k - 300k
Farsala 500k+
Nobleteam360 550k - 650k
Alrightiwill 500k
Bongken 800k
FusionCode 650k
S.Peelman 441k
Alexikur 360k
AZwification 600k
Iceland 500k+
Liqourandgunfun 300k - 350k
Thismeintiel 300k - 350k
Rik 500k
GingerGaymer 400k - 450k
TreeTurtle 250k - 400k
Proclus 500k - 550k
Eva01berserk 350k - 400k
Arkaign 500k
Shogun Knight 500k - 700k


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I'd say around 0.7M-1M

Just because you have an opinion doesn't mean you are necessarily right.

I don't think the "Expanding" is going to do much. I'm going to go with 400-500k. Microsoft will use shipped numbers, as they will flood markets again.

5 weeks right? 625k global of which 225k US (NPD)

470k global!

I voted 350-400k in poll because I voted before you changed it to 5 weeks!

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Over 500k overall

For what they're worth will be using VGC figures.


sunday is a no sale day
u could say 1st September to 27th September


if its 5 weeks

prinz_valium said:
sunday is a no sale day
u could say 1st September to 27th September


Shops and online sell things on sundays you know ...


I'm thinking 1 million minimum.