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ethomaz said:

PS. If Germany is 50k under, France more 40k under, UK maybe others 50k under... adding all EU countries you will have a lot of different... maybe close to 500k... you can remove the 100k over in US and do a better tracker in RotW and at the end you will have your 10 million.


Edit - I can show you some official data if you guys want.

Spain: 275,000 as of Jun 12, 2014
Italy: 220,000 as of Jun 26, 2014
France: 239,998 as of Dec, 2013
Germany: 540,000 as of Jun 28, 2014
UK: 530,000 as of Dec 31, 2013

This. Ps4 is probably Way undertracked in Europe, and a little too for the rest of the world.

Well, if Vgchart let the numbers without correcting anything after a official report, then Vgcharts loose all credibility as day pass.

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Ninsect said:

Right now it's at 9.4m as of August 9th and since it's selling like 110-120k per week I would personally give it another 5-6 weeks, so around Destiny launch if I am correct.

What do you think?

ioi's explanation is here:


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binary solo said:

I haven't seen or heard the exact announcement by Sony, so I'd be interested to see their precise wording.

You can watch the Gamescom conference but I will give the Official Document:

It have all details you need ;)

Considering how many times VGC has had to increase PS4 sales during "corrections" when official numbers were announced, and we are suppose to be worried about Sony's accuracy?  Which also say more than 10 million. 


Josiah said:

Considering how many times VGC has had to increase PS4 sales during "corrections" when official numbers were announced, and we are suppose to be worried about Sony's accuracy?  Which also say more than 10 million. 


Obviously Sony has no idea what they're doing, it's not like they're the ones selling these consoles. VGC knows how much they've sold much better than them. 

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Is VGC tracking in 100 countries and regions?

I hope ioi will figure out the missing countries numbers. Running 25% or 30% under official numbers between Sony's previous and current announcements just inspires no confidence in upcoming week's figures as well.

This week we get 119,978 but with the expected error range VGC is playing at should we interpret as 80,000~155,000?

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Eh, I respect that ioi is coming in here to give an explanation and I like vgchartz numbers for what they are, a pretty good free tracker, but I simply don't believe that European data is so accurate that we can safely say that those numbers aren't missing there. Well I hope the numbers will be adjusted soon, cause a lot of fun is lost when you know in the back of your head that there is a sizable chunk of sales missing every week.

funny how all of a sudden, some people believe VGChartz to be the most accurate trackers when they have been repeatedly wrong escpecially this year. Most of the times, thier number in the U.S are never accurate. So what makes you think they will be accurate about the other 60+ markets they cant effectively track where the PS4 is selling presently?  how does VGChartz know about the PS4 sales in Brazil or in Croatia or in South Africa? How are they so sure those sources are accurate?

VGChartz have almost always undertracked the PS4 globally even their US numbers are never consistent with NPD states. In Germany the PS4 is undertracked by over 50k on this site and that is a very prominent Tier One nation. What about countries like Turkey or some eastern european country?

Also, why would Sony lie about something like this. it makes absolutely no sense. They are clearly winning this gen, and if their sales numbers on this site are accurate and to be believed. this means that at this rate the PS4 will hit 10 million by September at least and would still be one of the fastest selling consoles ever. So why would Sony lie. They have never done this before so why lie now about their obviously leading numbers especially when they can meet those numbers in less than 2 months?

Bigmouth007 said:
When Destiny comes out.

And we still have people like this guy getting misinformed because of it...

VGC was taking Sony numbers to update their own until now and that's what even let then with a 600-700K off, imagine if not.
Can't ioi see that he is hurting the site credibility day by day with this? You know, people already posted some books take use VGC as data to create situations, that would be embarassing to see wrong information being taken by someone because of a simple lack of will to use official data to update the numbers.
Just update it, use all the reliable data you have already to update the regions (as some people keep posting here) and throw what still is off into the Rest of the World and try to adjust it with time.

You know, it's already almost 10 days past Sony official announcement, it's getting quite embarassing, and if we can't take official data as reliable data to update here, so just close the site already because everything is a lie and no one is to be believed. Why would you believe NPD, GFK and every other data if the official data gave by the company responsible by it itself is not reliable? Are extrapolations more reliable than this?

And no, I couldn't ran a better tracking site than this, and that don't make my point less relevant at all. Attacking people by judging them even less prepared to do something don't make your mistakes any better, to be honest they make you look like a kid that want to feel superior even when proved wrong.

People are just wanting to help here, spending their time to do so.

Blood_Tears said:
It already sold 10 million "to consumers"....

I think Sony in the past has called stores their "consumers" if it suits them