Star Citizen doesn't look that great in my opinion, but It looks ambitious

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I have my concerns with the game for sure, but you have to keep in mind that it hasn't even hit Alpha yet. Everything is WIP and shouldn't be judged as final.

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PullusPardus said:
Munkeh111 said:

This game won't be launched for at least another year. They have so much more polishing to do.

But it's also fun. I had another play last night and it really is fun, even if I can't fly my ships yet

The ship buying is a bit dodgy, but also necessary to fund such an absurdly ambitious game. It is close to pay to win, but given the lack of winning in the game it's not so simple.

I'm just really excited and about to spend even more money on it!

Whats your specs? how good does it run?

i5-2570k (ish)
ASUS Nvidia 670 GTX

It runs pretty damm smoothly. There are some texture glitches, but I'm running it on very high 1080p without any issues. Maybe not 60fps, but definitely above

VanceIX said:
burning_phoneix said:
VanceIX said:
It looks good, but I'm worried on whether it will be a microtransaction fest or not. There are some ships selling for $300+. You could buy a new graphics card with that kind of money :/

Technically, those ships come as bundles (Game+ Alpha Access+ In game money+ gifts).


I think the most expensive single ship that ever came out was the Xian Scout ship at 150$. It was  limited time offer because the developers didn't want too many alien ships in the game from the start.


The Single most expensive package is the 400$ constellation Phoenix package which includes:


  • Hartwell Music Sentinel 88G
  • Starting Hangar: Deluxe
  • Starting Money:10,000 UEC
  • 6 Month Insurance
  • Deluxe Silver Collector's Box
  • Spaceship-shaped USB Drive
  • CD of Game Soundtrack
  • Glossy Fold-up Star Map
  • 5 Spaceship Blueprints
  • 3 Inch Model of Spaceship
  • Hardback Making-of Star Citizen
  • Beta Access
  • Digital Star Citizen Manual
  • Squadron 42 Digital Download
  • Star Citizen Digital Download

So overall not a bad deal.


The thing about microtransactions is they do not let anyone purchase anything that they could not buy if they had just played the game itself. In fact, there is a limit to the amount of real world money you can convert to in game credits.


The problem with microtransactions is that without spending a lot of money, it's impossible to get some of the stuff. It may be different with SC, but seeing the pledge prices, I'm not too confident. I've ordered the Origin 300i package for now.

At the moment, we really don't know how "grindy" the game will be (I for one, am perfectly happy living in my Freelancer for the entirety of the game). The problem comes with the realization that if a ship costs say 50 or 60$ in the shop and it's TOO easy to get in game relatively quickly, then it won't sell and people who bought it before will feel cheated. The other side is if the ship takes too long to unlock, free players will be upset.

I'll put my faith in Chris Roberts. I've been burnt before but being an independent developer with a long history of space sims, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Mystro-Sama said:
This definitely isn't going to live up to the hype.

That is always a danger with these huge projects. That being said, I'm playing with the Dogfight module (Arena Commander) right now and it alone is almost worth the entry price alone.

SvennoJ said:
I backed this, but not for FPS or hanger nonsense. Can I manually land on planets from space, fly with realistic physics, explore and mine uncharted systems. I backed Elite as well, seems I might get more out of that one.
Maybe I should pay some attention at all the spam emails RSI keeps sending me...

Realistic Physics: The game has a full fledged newtonian physics system. It is possible to flip around 180 degrees, shoot an enemy, and then flip back 180 degrees without changing your direction of movement at all.

Chris Roberts explains it:

As someone that was taking Physics at Manchester University before I dropped out to make games full time I can assure everyone that the physics model is COMPLETELY accurate and it’s a full rigid body simulation. I know because I wrote the code.

Maybe I should have done a better job in the demo, but if you are flying at speed and you set your desired velocity to zero you WILL see the top front thrusters articulating and firing to slow your velocity. If you watch my demo you will notice there is some momentum with the Hornet when I slow down close to the bridge. It may not have been apparent on the screen, but I can assure the Hornet does not stop on a dime. if you load it up with more mass (like extra weapons) you feel the effect of this.

There is no drag modeled – everything is done as it would be in space.

Additionally there is actually counter thrust being applied inside the physics and if you had your hands on the controller you would feel it. If you look closely you will see the inertia of this – the ship doesn’t stop rolling or pitching on a dime. There is however a very good reason why you don’t actually see the thrusters fire entirely accurately.




Exploration will be very deep and fleshed out thanks to the stretch goals.

You will be able to explore the following:

  • About 70% of each star system will be unexplored. Source
  • Alien Wrecks. Source
  • Asteroid fields with resource deposits. Source
  • Lots of interesting space features. Source Another
  • Possibly "Treasure Island" style treasure hunts triggered by found artifacts. Source
  • Derelicts
  • Some derelicts can be explored on foot. Source
  • Repairable Bengal Carriers
  • Asteroid Bases
  • Old areas will have some system for keeping them explorable. Source
  • Rare, unexpected and possibly unique encounters that are not persistent, perhaps found by following faint hints and trails.


You will also be able to do this with the things you find:


  • The Salvage mechanic will likely be a primary source of income for many explorers. Source

    Salvage Mechanic: Salvage isn’t an aside: it’s a career, with its own mechanic, story tie-ins and universe-shaping endgames. Search the galaxy for a host of valuable and interesting secrets using both the flight and FPS components. Discover the secrets of the ancient Hadesians, locate valuable components and cargo… or go down in history the first to make contact an entirely new alien race!

  • Discovering a jump point to an unknown system will be highly valuable, as well as granting you naming rights.
  • Presumably discovering unknown jump points to known systems will have monetary rewards.
  • We can record resource locations and sell that information. Source
  • Selling resource locations to an NPC store gives royalties on the sale of that info. Source
  • Resource deposits can be over-mined and exhausted. Source
  • Presumably the treasure hunts mentioned above will have some cash value.
  • Identifying and following ships with bounties, and selling their locations. Source
  • Scout Escorts: Rob Irving has said it may be possible to share autopilot data for formation flying. This may allow "slaving" a customer's autopilot to your nav data and guiding them through hazards. I've asked directly if that's the plan and will update if/when he answers. Source
  • We will be able to take missions from the OES. As an intel office, that may mean scouting missions. Source


There's a huge huge thread here just dedicated to catlaouging all the exploration stuff:



As for mining,


Chris Roberts had this to say:

I'm not sure about whether a mining operation of the size of the Shubin one that's detailed in Squadron 42 would be available for players to purchase or use right off the bat in the game.
We're definitely planning on allowing players to be able to do mining operations and get groups together to do it on a small scale or a large scale, and you certainly will be able to, as you build up, have a silo or warehouse or have your mining operation.
I think there will definitely be cases where a player will be able to buy a mining station,
then slowly build it up over time, hire other people to help them out, and do all the rest of the stuff.
So it's there, I just don't know whether it will be a base the size of the Shubin one. But maybe that could be down the road. We're still working it out.

We've actually got a pretty cool mining mechanic.
We're gonna do voxelization of asteroids, and there's a whole sort of... It won't be just holding a space bar for two hour and you've now mined something. There will be a lot of logistics involved in terms of getting the minerals, then taking it to someone to get refined, and all the rest of the stuff.
All along the mining and logistics chain, people will get involved. So I think it will be a cool game for people who like to do that, and that'sthe idea with Star Citizen, to have all these different things you can do with it. It sort of suits all different tastes.

The only thing that they will not have at launch is the ability to fly into planets and manually land on them. That will be possibly be reserved for some expansions.

It's a free to play game with microtransactions?

BOOOM! Any kind of interest just disappeared. Pity, cause it looks nice.

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I've been playing the arena commander module for a few months now and although the game looks good as a whole it's not blow your socks off incredible. The game does have a lot going for it. The attention to detail in the ships is pretty impressive. I have the origin 315 and it's a beautiful ship. As for the graphic settings right now there is simply low medium and very high ( which is what I play on) and there isn't anyway to tweak individual settings outside of script changes and mods.


I'm playing on an Intel i7 3770k 4.3ghz

16 gigs of ram

Gtx 780 ti

Game runs fantastic for such an early build

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Star citizen is not a free to play game. You have to purchase the game outright. Backers are getting ships now but the main game you will start out with rental ships until you can afford to buy your own. I have been following it since the beginning and have never seen the first hint of anything that would give the illusion it's free to play.

I feel as though Star Citizen is going to crumble under its own ambition. I just find it very hard for it to live up to the hype or even be released within this generation.

AgentZorn said:
I feel as though Star Citizen is going to crumble under its own ambition. I just find it very hard for it to live up to the hype or even be released within this generation.

At least we will have the dogfighting module and Squadron 42 within the next couple years.  And they plan to keep developing the persistent universe MMO stuff as long as they are making money so that will be constantly evolving.

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Too bad the game wont be coming out until 2018 (what the devs have said).

Scisca said:
It's a free to play game with microtransactions?

BOOOM! Any kind of interest just disappeared. Pity, cause it looks nice.


It's pay to play

Then free forever, with a cash purchase possible, though not necessary

Given that the development will have been funded by early backers. Further income will come from "real people" buying the game and then from expansion packs to Squadron 42 the story mode

There's an amazing amount of misinformation out there