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So what exactly is Capcom doing with the profits they made from RE4: Wii Edition?

totalwar23 said:
So what exactly is Capcom doing with the profits they made from RE4: Wii Edition?

Making PS3 and 360 games

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IMO I don't think you are going to see a complete revamp of RE0 to the over-the-sholder view like RE4. Is sounds like their just going to tack on some waggle controls over the game.

Capcom is probably thinking, well it worked well for RE4, lets do the same for RE0 and we well cash in.

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I hope this crap flops if it is a point and click game, cause I already own the GC game, and will not buy this ever, not even get it for free if its just different control style.

Capcom does suck if this is true.

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While I think the controls could probably work well point-and-clickily, I will be *very* angry if this is true. I *HATED* the controls in RE games up till RE4:Wii. They were all but unplayable to me. If they go back to something as similar to old-style as I am thinking this will be -- well, lets just say that this game is not on my 'must buy' list.

It really speaks volumes that rather than take the time to create a remake(basically a whole new game, really) that implements the brilliant RE4:Wii controls, they would rather (IMO) gimp the player experience and save a couple of bucks by implementing what will probably be the worst controls in the series to date.

I mean, come on! At least let us move with the nunchuck!

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I just thought about something this, could be an RE 4 style remake. Think about it, they did model of large chuncks of the game for umbrella chronicles, who's to say they didn't finish the rest and go for the full remake?


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Wow, if those scans are any indication, it looks like this may not get a purchase even from me. I seriously have no interest in some waggle/tank hybrid control scheme. I don't see how a Z&W point-and-click setup could actually work(well, at least).

I was for sure it would be a rail shooter, or even an RE4-style game. Perhaps Famitsu's details are just speculation, and the screenshots are just old Cube screenies until they get a good look from Capcom.

I'm grasping for straws here, but it beats accepting what those screenshots indicate. :)

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didn't notice the scan, wow that's really pointless, plus point and click controls certainly would be awkward


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As a RE fan I will buy it just for the widescreen 480p resolution BUT ONLY if the game allows traditional GC controls or CC, unless of course they remake the game as a RE4 type game.

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