Forums - Gaming Discussion - Square enix just Killed a potentially huge franchise.

I'm sure it will still do fine.

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XBone needs it. I can't believe the Wii U is outseling it!

Bad move from Square. Even if MS is paying development costs, TR could made some serious cash in this moment of drought. Gamers are Starving on the next-gen. Damn Watch Dogs sold 4M in the first week and it was a new IP.
Not saying TR was set to sell 4M first week, but could sell well.

Even to MS, i'm not sure if this is good. They do have to put up a fight, but TR is no system seller and it will not sell that well. This will most likely be a loss to MS in the short term. Let's see if it can help towards the perception of the console though.

I'm happy with any decision that SE makes about new rebooted TR franchise that will lead to its early demise...and then potential re-reboot of original TR.

Brace yourselves. Armchair CEOs are coming.

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This thread is full of butthurt sony fans.

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If MS paid them a big amount of money for a year of exclusivity it could be a fantastic decision. On top of that, it will probably get cornerstone franchise level promotion, and we'll see a lot of Tomb Raider vs Uncharted 4 being thrown around upon release. That kind of talk never would have happened if it was multiplatform. Then it could be released on PS down the road sell a few more million. It really could be brilliance.

Did they also shoot themselves in the foot?

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I’m pretty sure it's just a one year timed exclusive and will be out on more platforms with a DLC inclusive complete version a year after release.

Viper1 said:
I do agree the history of the circumstances if rather ironic.

They release the previous title to consoles with a combined total sales of well in exceed of 100 million units and then admit the game still didn't sell enough copies at over 6 million sold and now they are going to release a new title exclusively to a console that has fewer actual units in homes than the previous title itself sold?

Well, look to it like this...

The reboot was very expensive because they use a lot of money to create the new engine, but now that it is done and polished for new-gen (using definitive edition budget), the new games should be cheaper to produce.

Add that MS should have payed a good amount of money and secure them some promotional muscle so it can compete with Uncharted 4 release that is around the same time in 2015.

And last, but not least, it is most likely a timed exclusive and it could arrive to the PS4 a few months later when Uncharted 4 fever has reduced and sell a good amount of additional units.

It is almost a win-win situation for them and it makes sense, and the only negative is that it got them some backlash with some Sony fanboys that most likely will buy the game anyway when is available for the PS4, if as we are hoping is a good title in the first place.