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walsufnir said:
It's funny to read here, especially when I remember the time the TR reboot was revealed people (not generalizing but many from Sony side did it) hated on it, looking like Uncharted and uninspired. When it was released many of these people said it was ok but nothing ground breaking and where criticizing it for not being their beloved TR anymore.
Now it is moving on to another platform where a lot of people (including me, having played 1-4 of the old TRs) liked it the way it is.
Sometimes it seems people just search for opportunities to hate on MS. This topic will stay for weeks, months and the moneyhatting itself for years. I guess this will be the top spot on N4G for days to come.

I disagree on that bolded part. Tomb Raider had fantastic word of mouth and many people, myself included, see it as being an improvement on the Uncharted formula.

This whole thing has nothing to do with hating on Microsoft. Its more to do with pointing out just how idiotic someone at Square Enix must be to sign this deal when the first TR game struggled to make money on a userbase of over 100 Million consoles.

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lol ms is publishing tomb raider

kitler53 said:
Wright said:

I don't see why people get salty with this. Just get an Xbox One and you're all set guys :)

no.  just no.  i will not reward assholery.   i was considering a second console for the living room eventually to replace my ps3.  i mostly use that for netflix but the ps3's OS is soo slow i'd like to upgrade to something better at some point.  any chance that i would have gotten an xbox died today. 

I'll bet that was a real close call

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Landguy said:
Ninsect said:


One is taking something away that changes NOTHING for xbox owners. The other is giving PS owners something additional that has been known about right from the start

So, your answer along with many others opinion is that a Moneyhat is OK, just as long as it works for you personally.  It's not that complicated.  Any kind of moneyhat is a moneyhat.  Something taken from one kind of gamer and given to another...

If that's all you take from my answer we're pretty much done here. 

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seriously SE is dead to me, DEAD!
after giving middle fingers to Vita fans for not giving FF Type-0 and now this?
goodbye SE


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This is amazing. I am literally laughing my ass off. Good bye ass!

Ongoing bet with think-man: He wins if MH4 releases in any shape or form on PSV in 2013, I win if it doesn't.

I just don't get why SE destroy one of their biggest western franchises just after they've completed a rather popular (especially on PS consoles) reboot.

Didn't they see what happened to Splinter Cell after Conviction was exclusive to Xbox 360? MS needed their own Uncharted and I believe this is the reason they bought Conviction and TR2 but I sure hope SE got a hell of a lot of money cause the sales will suffer big time.

Since Dead Rising 3 was announced for PC, PvsZ Garden Warfare for PS4 and Sunset Overdrive went from hot to lukewarm for me I was getting pretty sure that I could get through this gen with my PS4, Wii U, PC and 3DS but if TR2 isn't just a timed exclusive I guess I'll have to buy an XB1 eventually. This gen will be unnecessarily expensive for me :S


As a long time fan of the franchise I'm a little disappointed though.. Yeah yeah. People can just buy an XB1 but what if they don't really see other uses for it than just this 1 game? Besides Lara Croft is one of the biggest PlayStation Legends! :P

Edit: Phew.. It seems to be a holiday timed exclusive. Hope it turns out true. 

Ninsect said:
walsufnir said:
Ninsect said:

Oh but I do know you, and you know me.

You didn't respond to my arguments. Pretty much the whole internet is against this with a few console warriors defending a cancellation of Playstation and PC versions. They are doing you absolutely ZERO favors by cancelling those versions and yet here you are seemingly happy with the decision.

Yeah, you know me that good that you don't know that I even don't own an Xbone. Congratulations, sir, well done. I am not happy with it but it's a legit way for MS to get exclusives to their platform.

Did I ever say you had an Xbox One? I remember you almost switching camps, to Playstation's side, before this gen started but it looks like that didn't work out.

It's a "legit" way but it's a shitty practice to cancel versions already announced and being worked on, especially when PS has been home for Tomb Raider for decades.

Anyway, don't you want to bet it's timed?

"Switching camps"? What? There is no "switching camps"... I played a lot on PS years ago, I still do it from time to time (on an emulator). As well as I play old gems on Snes, Genesis and so on. There is no "switching".

And to bet? What would you have to offer to make it even remotely interesting?

.... This is hilarious, some of these comments. This was to be worse than Bayonetta 2.

Now that I think about it.. Microsoft got an amazing deal from all this. Square Enix on the other hand, just fucked up one of their major franchises.