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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The trend of deliberately looking for negativity of your favorite company

It's been going for a while now, and I've noticed it has increased lately with the upcoming... erm.... let's call it "The First of They" to maintain secrecy. Negativity has always been an issue in gaming but it seems fans are trying to deliberately find negativity posts and articles only to post them and complain about those.

Seriously, its no worse than it was 5 years ago, only now people try to victimize themselves even further. It has become an annoying trend and its hard to sympathize with those that keep complaining their game is "overhated" when it's nothing new to begin with.

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Gamers are never happy.

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Don't let it get to you. There's amusement to be had due to this attitude :P

It really annoys me as well. Thanks for finally bringing this issue to light!

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Wright said:

Don't let it get to you. There's amusement to be had due to this attitude :P

I know. It's always amusing to see dem Double Standards.

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Because I should be "happy" when companies dig content from my $60 game and try to sell it back to me. I should be "happy" when content is taken from my game and sold to me in "pre order only" fashion. I should be "happy" when my game has on disc DLC, download only multiplayer codes and always online DRM.

Yeah, keep on smiling.

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What? People say negative things about the company of THEIR choice? I have only ever seen negativity to the companies that ARENT their favourite.

If people find points of concern with their consoles preference then I would call it constructive criticism.

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Do you have examples? Usually I only see negative articles posted by the fans of the competitor.

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I see it allot, but I tend to respond to the negative articles far more in the morning, before I've had my coffee when I'm not really thinking very well (I'm actually pretty unpleasant in the morning). Usually end up doing or saying something stupid, so I try to not post anything until at least noon if it's a divisive topic.

Weird! I don't seem to notice those kinds of fans THAT often...  

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