Does Tomodachi life bombing in the West hurt other Japanese games chances of being localized?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Does Tomodachi life bombing in the West hurt other Japanese games chances of being localized?


This was a huge game in Japan, and the West would love a bunch of Japanese games over here. Nintendo slammed the advertising for this into us hard over here. Yet, it mattered little.

Most likely because of the Mii's. People are done with Mii's and this did not help.

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Anyways, there are the sales, look at Japan's sales, then cry a little inside. If we cannot give big games, big sales, then why should Japanese developers localize anything? 3DS will continue in its struggles if we do not all support it!

I do not really, because I just do not like handhelds that much. 3DS was my favorite ...is my favorite out of all of them though.

What do you all think?

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They will continue to try. Localized games don't need to sell that much to make a profit. Plus, they want the next Animal Crossing or Smash Bros. (Games originally to be Japan-Only)

At E3 Reggie stated that Tomodachi Life had exceeded their expectations in its first week...and I presume it did decent digital numbers.

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Faaaaar from being a flop man

Didn't it actually do better in its second week in the US than its first???
I think this is the kind if game that requires some observation over time before being written off...

Have a nice day...

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See a good amount of people who knew about this game were not gonna buy it for two reasons.

One some may be mad because if the 3ds was Region free those people could have bought it months ago.

Two while I usually am on the side of youtubers playing games being beneficial to sales. Alas a type of game like this is the type of game many will only watch and never buy, for they could get special items, fan feedback, and a slew of Qr codes.

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It didnt flop. Most Japanese games dont sell that great in the west anyway. However the game does have a strong word-of-mouth to it. Ive convinced 3 people to buy it already. I think you were setting your expectations a bit too high, especially when it had controversy surrounding it due to America calling anything that doesnt have homosexuality "homophobic" :p

Good news everyone!

“We just launched Tomodachi Life. The Tomodachi Life numbers were significantly stronger than we had forecasted and planned. That’s because it’s a vibrant platform.”

-The Regginator

This game will have massive legs and pull out great numbers in the end. Early call.