Forums - Gaming Discussion - Weekly hardware 14 June: Wii U outsell XBOX ONE after price drop.

Ninten78 said:
I dont think XB1 will outsell GCN

Joking? Or maybe just hoping.

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Let's say the Wii U IS outselling it

I still don't think it's a huge deal overall

It's just one week, or a few depending on how you look at it

What I'd like to see is an actual overall increase in sales (Japan is kinda doomed but at least in the other areas). If it drops back down to exactly where it was before, that's meh. But I remember the Wii U was selling a pitiful fraction of what it was before MK8 a long time ago, so it's "steady numbers"--the numbers it's pulling when it's not being influenced by a big game launch--seem to be better, in other words my question is, will the "steady numbers" solidify to be significantly greater (20+% or something) than they were before MK8, because if so then that is something to actually be happy about.

The wii u needs a steady release of games and good advertising to continue selling well and this is why it's sales will start to trend back down

Wii U could be over tracked like it was last month. Also Japan is keeping it over the One anyway.

Won bet with t3mporary_126 - I correctly predicted that the Wii U's LTD at the end of 2014 would be closer to 9 million than 10 million.

Nintendo can't win on hardware hype alone like ps4. But has to consistently release games due to its unattractive unpopular console design

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Next week Xbone will be over Wii U.

It's unwise to read too much into VGC's weekly charts until they have been corroborated by the NPD figures.

The Xbox One had the Kinect unbundled to give it price parity with the PS4. This wasn't an outright price cut, I think we might see that over the holiday period if things don't pick up.

On a week to week basis, the Xbox One was the only console to trend upwards.

64,525 (Up 70.13% from 37,927) - Xbox One
99,162 (Down 9.63% from 109,724) - PS4
68,499 (Down 25.27% from 91,647) - Wii U

If the figures do turn out to be correct then I think Microsoft dropped the ball a little by not hammering home the lower sticker price at E3.  It would be a shame really because I quite admired showing 90 minutes of back to back games.


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"So Reggie was agree"? Really? I'm very happy for the Wii U's sales. Nintendo are finally bringing their big titles to their home console. That being said, you are comparing apples to oranges. The XB1 really only has Titanfall as their biggest exclusive, and it hasn't been out for a full year yet. One weeks sales aren't anything to get that excited about. I'd like to see the sales after Halo 5 comes out. That would be the best comparison.

VG C didn't even realize that the Vita had a new SKU coming out. I wouldn't be so quick to trust these numbers. But if true then great for WiiU.

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torok said:
Captain_Tom said:
Lol so yeah unbundling kinect did nothing like most predicted. I wonder if they are ballsy enough to drop the price to $350 this holiday...

I will still wait for NPD to confirm it, but if it is correct, than MS can simply forget catching Sony this gen.

Yeah then they have some really tough choices to make...