Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Worst Current Nintendo Franchise (No, those Eshop games on 3DS don't count)?

Worst one?

Super Mario! Yahoo! 6 2.88%
The Legend of Zeruda 4 1.92%
Pikmin! It is the worst one! 2 0.96%
Star Fox! Do a Barrel Roll! 15 7.21%
Smash Bros.! It doesn't ... 2 0.96%
Animal Crossing! ANIMALS DON'T TALK! 14 6.73%
Wii series! Damn you casual gamers! 107 51.44%
Other 58 27.88%

What I mean by "current" is that a game in the series released on Wii/DS, and/or is coming to Wii U and/or 3DS.

Mine is Starfox. It isn't bad, but It's not as good as the other Nintendo games IMO.

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Zelda was doing pretty bad from 2007-2013 but ALBW was one of the best entries. So hope restored.

Eh Wii Series was always bad going with it. ~Thank you Stefl1504 for the amazing sig~

Voted for Star Fox and then I saw the "Wii" series.

The Star Fox series does absolutely nothing for me.

At least the Wii series can be kind of fun.

If I had to pick from the poll, of course it'd be the Wii series.

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Who the hell voted Animal Crossing?

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garretslarrity said:
Who the hell voted Animal Crossing?

Evil people.

OT: From the poll I would have to say StarFox. Overall I would say Nintendogs. I personally don't enjoy picking up virtual pet poop or virtually washing and grooming animals. No offence, virtual pet lovers. 

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

Wii series.


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Starfox for me! It was fun way back when but recently, its obviously been pretty forgettable! Come on Miyamoto! Make it Fappable again!


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garretslarrity said:
Who the hell voted Animal Crossing?

Someone who strongly believes that animals should not talk.

Not everyone is going to like the game!