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I play my gamecube a lot, except on my Wii.

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I am, because when I bought a British Gamecube I couldn't play my American games so I bought Freeloader to bypass region-locking. It doesn't work on the Wii, so I am forced to use my Gamecube to play Melee despite having a Wii.

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Sometimes I do, freaking Pikmin 2!!!

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My gamecube still gets heavy usage for Animal Crossing. This makes the wife happy and leaves the Wii for me.

Paper Mario TTYD is amzing. After Super Paper Mario I had to go back to the definitive Paper game.

Does anyone else thing they need to rerelase some of those classic gamecube games and target them at the Wii audience? How would Final Fantasy or Twin Snakes sell if put in a Wii case for $19.99, and just stick a lable with "also playable on gamecube" on the back.

Sure some might be bummed it is not a new game but many Wii owners never had a Gamecube, and those games can't come to the VC. If they added content or turned it into 480P widescreen they could charge $29.99 and be million sellers like RE4.

Frankly I think I would rather have a few of those then PS2 ports. The would certainly look better.

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I still use my GC

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Starcraft, buy Tales of Symphonia and Baten Kaitos Origins (both for GC).

I'm still... slowly.... making my way through Sunshine. And Sonic Adventure Battle 2 (or whatever it's called) & Super Monkey Ball make for great games when my friends are a-over.

i love my mario kart on GC

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i am - playing Melee and MK DD and Sunshine - but esp. Melee in prep. for Brawl

I still play GC games on my Wii, since my gamecube disc thing won't read or spin disc anymore :( .