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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - LINK IS A GIRL? - The Legend of Zelda U

This would be a kick ass set up for the next Zelda

- In one of the Zelda time lines, Ganon *kills* Link.
- Not all hope is lost though as Zelda is preggers with Link's baby and gives birth to a daughter/son.
- Daughter/son travel back in time to make sure the events of the past are changed, so you start playing as Link Jr. or Link's daughter, but then can play as Link in the past.

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That explains the lack of swordplay, Link's too much of a wuss for swords!

Man I want a WiiU now. That sequence reminded me of the infected monster in Princess Monoke, but the design of the enemy was a mishmash of Team Ico's Shadow of the Colossus, and the robots from Laputa, Castle in the sky.

Link better not be a girl, that's just changing the whole universe of Zelda. If they want to go with a lead female character that's fine but just don't call her Link lol.

Its a a teenage boy. There is no definition in the chest area plain and simple. Zelda has always had boobs in Wind Waker as when Tetra becomes Zelda, she gets boobs. Sorry to burst your bubble put Link's face is always changing due to the art style. Expect this Zelda to be the prettiest Zelda we have seen.

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If its a girl its not Link theyre gona have to come up with a new name.

It's Zelda. Not Link.

And the official title will be Legend of Link.

Now that I think about it... Link has pretty Womenly Eye-lashes!


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This means nothing. In Skyward Sword he also moaned like a little girl when he got hit.

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He (or She) is right handed. Unless Nintendo want us to play with wiimote again, it's definitely not Link.