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kljesta64 said:
Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
To Fap or Not To Fap, that is the question! Come on guys, we need a legit answer and not just speculation


100% female.

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You should change the title, It's misleading.

That's not Link, or something.

Nope, is a boy.

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If it's Link's daughter/son that would be bad ass, if they had a time travel story going on.

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I have a feeling a lot of you would find yourselfs in awkward positions in thailand.

BasilZero said:
We're gonna be seeing threads like this until the game's release arent we?

A years worth.... kill me now

Squeezol's Fanclub Member? is that how it works?

Why can't I hold all these no gaemz?

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I'm looking forward to this game personally.

Edit: I doubt Nintendo would do something stupid like that.

Not link.

Looks like someone doesn't know what the word "confirmed" means.

edit: and after listening to that part you were referring to, that is almost undoubtedly the villager.  Why would the "Link" make that sound?  That was a cowardly screaming sound.  And also in no way is proof of a female's voice either.