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5.8 million if 33%

Red Ring

of Death


GameDaily BIZ reported that one online warranty company says that the failure rate for the Xbox 360 is 16.4%. Based on Microsoft's console numbers of 17.7 million consoles sold (Microsoft's official sold into retail numbers through December 2007), that would mean that there are 2,902,800 defective consoles sold since the Xbox 360 released.

While most of the GameDaily team has experienced their personal turmoil with the Xbox 360's fabled red ring of death, one staff member takes the lead with four dead consoles. What about you?


Poor PS3 Sales Means Smaller Losses

"Actually, because the number of units sold was not as high as we hoped, the loss was better than our original expectation," Quotes from Sony’s CFO Nobuyuki Oneda.

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Actually, it's failure-rate was one of the main reasons why i decided not to buy an X360. I almost got one because the Halo hype-train started to have effect on me but because of the failure-rate and Blu-ray gaining momentum back then i decided to get a PS3 instead...


I haven't had a RRoD happen to me yet but it's only a matter of time with this damn thing.

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Does that 2.9 include someones breaking multiple times?

That 2.9 million is only people who applied for a new 360 through warranty after there's died, remember when warranty was 9 months (or was it 12) people's 360's were dying after their warranty expired, the number could be well over 5 million.

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i don't understand why are people still buying this pos of an gaming machine get a Wii or an PS3 anything is better then the RROD console.

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I sold my 360, and for the sake of its owners, I won't say anything negative about the console.


...except this



Wow, I did bad, lol. 

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This article is flame bait and 100% false 33% is BS.... its officially reported as 16% failure right. You are just a disgruntled PS3 fanboy with few games to play trolling upon the X360.

Well The X360 has the best software titles available, best controller, hardware reliability is improving with newer models with failure rate less than 5%, Mulitiplatform titles look better on the X360.

PS3 relies heavily upon its brand name Sony and its past reputation. Main thing going for PS3 is the BLU-Ray player. By the way I bought a PS3 and it broke down on me within two weeks and I returned it. I also had problems with PSX and PS2 in the past. When they were launched Sony's consoles were unreliable. Sony fans do not mention this, lol.

Well, a friend of a friend knocked over my perfectly-fine Xbox today. No RRoD but scratched the ungodly hell out of my Call of Duty 4

I know that one's not MS' fault, I just had to let everyone know how much that sucked...

Could I trouble you for some maple syrup to go with the plate of roffles you just served up?

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thekitchensink said:
Well, a friend of a friend knocked over my perfectly-fine Xbox today. No RRoD but scratched the ungodly hell out of my Call of Duty 4

I know that one's not MS' fault, I just had to let everyone know how much that sucked...

This is exactly what MS wants you to believe, of course disc readers should not be moved while playing discs, but just try to knock over a wii or a PS3 or your DVD player while a disc is spinning inside, nothing will happen because in these devices the disc is secured in place and there are rubber pads around the lens preventing your disc to come into contact with the latter and scratch it. These things only happen to cheap manufactured junk as is the 360.