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Uh guys, the schedule says unnanounced, simply because Nintendo hasn't announced them, and they wouldn't let the title of the games/games be known till the Digital Event. So we will see those 4 titles in the Digital Event, and then we will see more of them in this thing.

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I hope the streaming goes well and no hiccups like last year... which was totally rubbish BTW.

There seems to be tons more stuff going on this year. I have not been this excited about a Nintendo E3 for a while, not since 2011 or many years before that.

Zelda U is the priority for me but everything else is close behind.

I'm going to miss a lot of this due to exams:'(

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pikashoe said:
I'm going to miss a lot of this due to exams:'(

Don't worry, kiddo. Pass them exams, plenty of time to catch up with E3 afterwards.


Good luck BTW.

I think your list is slightly inaccurate tbone, no offense. I saw the list from IGN too, where it listed the events like you have them and then the 4 "unannounced" games. But, I expect that those four games will no longer be "unannounced' by the time they are shown on IGN's demos and the Twitch TV demos. I think they'll announce just about everything in the Digital Event, and then those 4 mystery titles will be ones that have playable demos on the show floor. They may have one or two extra announcements AFTER the Digital Event as they've done that before. But I don't think they would save 4 BIG titles for reveal AFTER their main showing, which is the Digital Event.

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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
I still wonder wtf the Treehouse is... Like is it just a developer interview or what?

Treehouse is the division of Nintendo US that handles the importing (especially localization) of Japanese titles. They were created because Nintendo of America felt that the quality of localization for Japanese imports was very poor. For marketting, whenever there would be things like interviews with developers and such in Japan, they handle that as well (as a Japanese language interview isn't much help for most Americans) which is why they are in the E3 stuff. Think of them as the liaisons between Nintendo Japan and Nintendo US.

Edit - Kotaku (yeah, I know) did a write up about them not that long ago.

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fleischr said:
justinian said:

I hope those three new titles are definitely Wii U. I wonder where they are going to fit this new QoL or QoS or whatever it is call into the schedule.

Is only three new titles good? I guess without third party support it is. I expected more though, announcing games well into 2016.

Edit: four titles. I missed one. That's pretty good actually.

I figure one to be Wii Sports Resort U. Big franchise with serious gamepad + QoL potential. I think the fit meter plays greatly into the QoL platform.

Idk, I feel like Quality of Life is some non-gaming workout program that they're going to spend way  too much time talking about. At least, that's how I imagined it when they first announced it.