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Were gonna keep this real simple.  Is Mario Kart 8 the best Mario Kart ever??? 

My vote is Yes

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simple enough?


No, absolutely not. That distinction still belongs to MK64. For it's time, it was mindblowing, just as much as MK8 is now (graphically). And even now, even with dated graphics, it still has great tracks, perfect controls, great balance that no other MK game has had since, and THE best battle mode of any of the MK series.

MK8 is a very good game. WITH a real, legit, decent battle mode, it could have been great. But Nintendo got lazy on that mark, so it loses points for that. It has to. With all that disc space, they also don't have much reason not to have included some kind of "mission mode" like DS had, thought that's a minor quibble. Bottom line, MK8 is a great release, the best MK in a long time. But no, it's not the best MK ever.

Played for eight hours out of the first 32 I owned the title (more hours than I slept in that period).
It's an incredible game.
MkWii will always have a special spot in my heart as my first Kart. And the one I played to death at university with mates. But 8 is fantastic and I will continue to play it in the coming weeks and uncover its every last nuance/play for a good 100 hours plus. Ask me then...

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Yeah probably. Still needs more King Boo though!

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No, MKDS is the best.


Well, this is new.


Possibly. I need more time to play (a year or so) to make a final judgement.

From what I've seen so far, it's REALLY close between it and the Wii version as my #1.

Holy cow! Three threads! We get it, we get it. You really really like it! :p

I would say yes. But you must give it at least an hour of playtime to see this. Which I have.

Surprised my walmart only had it as a demo for a few days. Maybe they are going to reduce amount of tracks to one.

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Viltgance said:

Were gonna keep this real simple.  Is Mario Kart 8 the best Mario Kart ever??? 

My vote is Yes

Nope. It's a million times easier working with a 20 year old concept than it is CREATING said concept. The first MK, for that reason, stands alone.